Monday, October 31, 2016

01 November 2016 Daily Horoscopes by Marie Moore

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You are not good at keeping promises today. You are in good spirits, friends maybe trying to make plans with you. At this time , it's best to play by ear because your not good at sticking too appointments or commitments today. I feel with this energy, you are more focus on your career, and work.


I feel at this time with the moon in your 11th, you might be questioning certain relationships or your life direction at this time. For some of you, this is a time of quiet contemplation and self realizations. You know what you need to do but when ? For some of you this could be leaving a particular group of people because you don't feel like they understand or you don't feel comfortable there


Neptune is conjunct with the part of fortune: you might be guided by your intuition, listen to your dreams with this energy, for some of you; you could be more about your emotional life or your day dream world. Try to work on not delving into bad habits . For others of you unless people come for you , for help than help . Try not to butt into other people's conversations. Especially on the social media, some people just like to complain


I feel with this energy, it's hard to tell you "No", because you can't see the reality of a situation at this time. For some of you , you maybe thinking about starting over and going back to school. Or starting over with certain areas of your life. Second and third chances can come up today. Your not giving up, your seeing things all the way through


There can be power struggles with groups or organizations or even in forums with this energy. With this energy , you might be feeling the stress of some of your relationships. You might realize you do allot either at work or with a relationship in your life. You get little in return. Your not going to confront the person, but you are going to feel the weight of this situation or relationship


Change is happening today, this could be with work or with certain relationships in your life. For some of you, you can't take care of others today because you have so much on your plate. For others of you, people are pulling you into your drama. With this energy again you are all about your freedom.So you can be a bit rebellious towards others


Reminder you have that beautiful water trine going on . So try to keep it positive this week. The moon is now in your sixth house, your optimism really works in regards to problems you want resolve.  But try to stay positive, you could feel like your not getting the respect you need at work. Or you may be carrying the weight of everyone's else's responsibility .


Planets are on the bottom of the chart, you could be more to yourself with this energy. You can take things a bit to personally with this energy. Also you prefer to stay home with this energy. You are very creative with this energy. For others of you , you can be  making tentative plans with others. But you may not actually do them, but the opportunities to go out is there


Change is happening for better or for worst with this energy, so try to go more with the flow. Cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off today. There can be power struggles with work, Try to be flexible or adaptable when it comes to changes. Unexpected events can happen. Remember everything is cause and effect with this energy.


You need to be careful with your relationships. I feel at this time you are making emotional decisions because others may throw wrenches into your schedule.For some of you dealing with difficult people today. For others of you have a plan A or plan B as plans may change today. Or you may change plans so at this time, lets play it by ear.


Luck can kick in with this energy, so keep it positive. Play lotto win five dollar ticket. With this energy you are in a giving and caring mood. You maybe doing something nice or spending time with close friends or family. For those of you in business or career this is a good time for money. For others of you this can be good news with money coming in


With this energy you can be very opinionated which is not going to win any friends, so watch what you say on the comment bar. I feel with this energy, you tend not to say what's on your mind or bothering. But instead you let it build and come out a later time. Instead of doing this communicate your feelings early rather than later