Wednesday, November 2, 2016



The moon in the sign of Capricorn. You are not really about expressing your feelings or talking about your feelings. At this time, you can be upset with certain people or situations but your avoiding the topic or avoiding that talk with others.  You need to break that part of yourself and talk about what is bothering about some one. Because sometimes if you talk in a relax tone or in a tone of concern. People are more willing to listen and even may appreciate that to help them to change


I feel with this energy , you can be guided by intuition at this time. You can be receiving prophetic dreams with this energy. That can lead to insight into your psyche .I feel with this energy, you prefer to work by yourself or behind the scenes instead of in a group. For others of you, you have an opportunity to make changes with your career. Or ask for an opportunity to grow with career.


With this energy, you are creating boundaries with others, and setting realistic goals that you can do.I feel for some of you , you are taking steps towards future like: preparing taxes, going to court house for your paper work, putting your personal papers in order for next year, or even applying for classes for January. You are able to listen to others explain themselves and their actions, and why they did what they did today or yesterday


You have a stellium in your tenth house today with the moon in Capricorn . Not the best energy here you are very ambitious at this time with your goals and what you want. I feel with this energy, it may have you start thinking about getting a bit more organized, or even focusing more on your well being. Careful with outburst for some of you.


Watch your emotional self, because you are bottling up your feelings. And this can eventually all come out in a big way today. For some of you this energy is taking more initiative in what needs to be done in your life. Today could be the day , the camel broke its back and changes needs to be made period.  


I feel with this energy, if you are not really liking your job. You are more than likely not to jump over backwards for your career. Or jump over backwards for certain people in your life. For some of you, you could be cautious about certain opportunities that seem to good to be true. I would follow that intuition and research and get the back ground story before jumping into something new


I feel with this energy, you aren't about talking about your feelings. So when you are upset , you find people asking you "what's wrong"?  I feel also with this energy this can be a time where you can read people and know what's going to happen next. It could be others are just so predictable so you are able to control the situation or get your way with them because you know how to talk to them.


I feel with this energy , you are not ready to change certain things about you. Others maybe pointing out what you need to work , and you can't take constructive criticism at this time. For others of you, you have a difficult time talk to certain people. Because you aren't willing to open and talk about certain things going on with you. Or you want to say what you think they want to hear from you


New people are coming into your life . At this time you are very cautious who you allow into your circle. For others of you , I feel that you need to have several discussion on your next move before moving forward. The north node is in play today. You may want to try being more of a leader in your life and being and taking more of initiative. Instead of being concern about what other people think


You do have a beautiful water trine going on. So your emotional self today dictates your money situation so don't allow yourself to take things personally. It's okay to get upset but than let that energy go. It's not worth holding and ruining the rest of your day.  I feel that certain people in your life maybe a bit confusing to you. Don't try to figure them out because they probably don't understand themselves either.


Watch your emotional self today. You can be very much in your feelings and very intense, or even obsessive with certain thoughts. At this time try to stay in the present . Be the deliberate creator in your life. Don't allow your emotions today, to run your day because it can ruin your day. At this time use this energy for spirituality or taking initiative with this energy


Change is happening today for better or worst try to be adaptable at this time and go with the flow. For others of you expect the unexpected today with your money situation. For some of you this is starting over in a specific area of your life possibly with career. For others of this is going to help boost your money situation.