Thursday, November 17, 2016



You have a T-square with the moon in Cancer.I feel with this energy, it's this feeling I give, I give and I get nothing in return. That's part of victim consciousness, because you put yourself in that situation. You can't be mad at the others person if you want to give and do for them. Than your surprise that they don't do the same in return or that they don't respect you back. But the opposite can be said in regards to business and career. By you putting back into your business and by you working as hard as you do . It's showing that it's paying off today


Moon in the sign of Cancer is forming a T-square 3,6,9 watch your emotional self today. Watch the decisions that you make , you kind of do things out of impulse. Like impulse buying all of a sudden you got your pay check, you go to spend it .  With this energy, things may get lost or misplaced because you aren't about the details , you have this more rush and go energy. So keep track of the little details today


The moon still in the sign of Cancer. You have to channel your feelings into journal writing, or into something creative because some of you are feeling vulnerable in your relationships.  I feel you could be more into your feelings at this time. So try to release this energy, so it doesn't manifest itself into something that you don't want. If your feeling some kind of way today communicate it but make sure you use some couth


Moon in Cancer is forming a beautiful water trine today. So this energy can be very pleasant and fun or this energy can ride you like a bronco on a Tuesday, Like a Rhinestone Cowboy. So it's up to you , how you want your day to go. I feel with this energy, you can have deep emotional connection with certain friendships. Or you could open yourself up to someone you really care about . With this energy, you let your walls down today just for a minute.


Moon in the third house in the sign of Cancer. Watch the decisions that you make because they are based on your emotional self. I feel allot of things that you've been bottling up are going to come out today. So careful how they come out . I feel with this energy here you may need a plan B as friends seem to bail out on you. Because of other things that are coming up in their life today


Today you might not be getting along so well with the men in your life or those in authority. Also you may want to think about purchasing a filter for that mouth of yours. Because you don't sugar coat today , and you say the first thing that comes to your mind. Or you could say things that you may regret later. I feel at this time, you could be rebellious with certain things especially in regards to a group or work. You could be going ahead and doing your own thing with this energy


I feel with this energy, there could be problems with those in authority. Your not getting along with certain people in your life. For some of you, you could go over their head and ask for what you want by someone who's in charge of them. For others you could have a difficult time with others because you don't want to listen to them. You want to do your own thing. This could conflicts with your relationships. For others of you , if you've been emotionally dumping on others and they could be trying to fix you. It's causing strife or frustration in the relationship. Make sure to explain what you are doing so everyone is on the same page.


Moon in Cancer working it's way out of your 12 th house. You could take what other people say to you way to personally , or you could feel like your being verbally attack. It's because your Saturn in your fifth house doesn't think anything is funny. You don't feel like taking anything lightly today.  Also with this energy , you like to go on little adventures and break up your routine. With this energy, you have an opportunity to meet new people , if you want .


I feel with this energy, you have the opportunity here to stand out from the crowd especially at work. You may receive recognition for others of you talks about growing with them. For others of you, you may speak up more about your opinions and views. This is a big Might because you are concern what others say. But you could be sticking up for the under dog or some people in your life maybe trying act like they can control. You could be speaking up more today


With this energy, you could still be dealing with same energy from yesterday. Watch your emotional self because you tend to be impulsive. You may not make the best decisions at this time. Try to get a second opinion before you jump into new things. I feel at this time, you don't have enough information and you don't know what you are getting yourself into. You have allot going on today but you flow and adapt to any situation that comes your way. You are more in a place of "Yes"


Change is happening today and you may not be in control of these changes. Watch your emotional self because you could be the cause of this change. For some of you this dealing with loss at this time. For some of you this is helping others deal with their loss. Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes it's part  of our journey. For some of you, you could be moving on to bigger and better things. Closing one door in your life and embracing another


I feel with this energy, you want to open up to others but to an extent. You allow someone in but at the sametime still are controlling what information you allow them to listen too. With this energy, you are  taking more initiative in your life and your making things happen. You could feel like you have more control in certain aspects of your life