Sunday, November 13, 2016



I see major decisions coming up at this time, the cards are saying it's a good idea, but at this time you are still going to mull over the idea. I feel with this energy this week that you not making a decision at this time. Is your way of controlling a situation. But do becareful with this energy, because I do see you alienating people in your life with this passive aggressive behavior.  Someone who was manipulative and responsible for the pain of this situation will avoid having to take responsibility. So it's up to you what you want to do with this relationship, because your not getting your apology. I also see you doing with out in the name of integrity. I do see you trying to create more happiness in your life.


Watch your spending this week, because I see you going a bit over board with it. For those of you in business this is a good time for business for you. Also your money situation should be improving this week. For others of you, major adjustments are going to have to be made. A possible new normal happening to you. For others of you this is relocation and relocation to a new city or country might be difficult for you at first. Change is difficult for you at first so do try to be more adaptable this week and go more with the flow.I feel your patience and hard work is going to pay off with career,  or even looking for a job . For others of you striking out on your and it's really going to bolster your confidence


This week can be kind of crazy for you but you are able to take control of the chaos, or at least make sense to whats going on. I do see your problem solving skills coming in handy this week. Also with this energy , I do see someone in your life who is stuck in their way of thinking. But I feel that your level of self control and patience will help you when dealing with this person. I do see you being manipulative at this time and not making any decisions. As a way to keep the ball in your court. I also see for others of you that you may let fate do what it wants at this time because your not making any decisions at this time. I see for others at this time, if you've been playing both sides or not able to make a decision. A decision might be made for you this week


Very good omen for those of you with your own business. I feel this week others control or help you make decisions at this time. You are more willing to listen to them. I feel this is a fun energy week for you . I see more about the holidays or even more about your social life this week . I feel love opportunities are coming up for you, or this can be career opportunities falling on your lap. For others of you love relationships get a bit more serious. Moving to the next level this week with love. Or this can be with career as well. I feel for others of you, you are mastering a specific areas of your life. I do see allot of cup cards in your reading for this week. So this can be a fabulous week, or this week can ride you like a Bronco on a Tuesday, Like a Rhinestone Cowboy. So take initiative about what you want this week, and stay in the present    


Lots of energy here happening this week, powerstruggles and confrontations. At this time , you might do things just to spite others so careful with that because sometimes we end up shooting our own foot.You may have to be honest or open with your feelings. So others understand where you are coming from . For others of you, when opportunities come up at work you need to say something. Because nobody else is taking your feelings into considerations.I do see major decisions coming up but at this time no decisions are going to be made. These are more thoughts than actions. If you do decide the cards are giving you a green light. I feel also with this energy I do see your way of thinking changing as well. I feel for others this energy does bring about peaceful negotiations or even winning in court.


I see love being the focus this week . I feel for some of you this could be the ex coming back but also you are talking to other people at this time. I feel that you maybe thinking or intriguing the idea of going back to the ex. The opportunity is there at this time I feel like some of you are dating. I feel with this energy, you benefit through other people like Lawyers, therapist, coworkers. They help you get to where you want to be or they can help you look good. A new love relationship can come in but the problem with this one , you need to learn to create boundaries. Or else you are not going to know if your coming or going with this energy. I feel for others of you, you are very sentimental about the past. Might talking more about the past with this energy. For others of you, you are not going to allow haters to hate on you, because your belief in what you want is that strong.


You need to watch who your complaining too , because they aren't seeing your way of thinking or seeing things. I see this stubbornness in you, and this could be because your not getting your way in a situation. Or this could be not getting your fair shake in a business situation.  You can look for your money situation to turn around this week. I do see some of you mastering your money situation. I feel also with this energy, you need to be aware that someone is emotionally manipulating. So if you feel this week that this is wrong or doesn't feel right. Say something instead of going along with it. You have problems with saying No to your emotional attachments.  I feel some of the people in your life may need reeling in or a bit of guidance this week .


I see for some of you working on yourself especially the emotional self this week. I feel that if you've been in your feelings and dumping on others this could be a problem now.  I feel this can be a busy week for you, but you are able to focus on what's important . At this time you have an opportunity to make changes. This may requiring you too leave behind sentimental or manipulative people this week. For some of you, if you are having problems at work , you can convince others to see your side. Also a great energy for those of you in sells at this time. People are able to see your vision. For others of you , you are so fixed on one particular thing that you don't see the good around you. Watch that way of thinking and try to look at the bigger picture


The emphasis and focus this week is on money, and money worries. I feel at this time the world works more in your favor, or helps you to get what you want this week.The cards are also saying you are the master of your destiny. Keep it humble this week, because you are working on big goals and it's a big accomplishment for some of you. Something that you've been wanting career wise is become available to you this week . You have some major good news coming your way that is going to change your social status . For others of you , I see powerstruggles with someone that is stuck in their way of thinking. For others of you, you need to realize yourself value and worth because you  can't see how important you really are


Major decisions are coming up in regards to love , should I stay or should I go with this energy. I also feel like trust issues are coming up at this time. You need to let go of that feeling . For others of you a great time for recognition and popularity. Instead of thinking about what you want to do the cards are saying just do it instead of dreaming it. Also when it comes to your own success , your personal thumb or touch with things makes it more special. I feel also for others of you , your money situation is going to get better this week. For those of you with business this is a good money week for business. Just watch your spending because I know my Cappies as soon as money comes in. It gotta get spent so watch your spending


This week this energy, brings about good news to you but stay humble. It's just good news so allow it to manifest and past before announcing. Because sometimes people tend to evil eye our good coming in. I feel for others of you this week, enjoy your journey ,enjoy your present; isn't the journey the important part? I feel your quick wit will bring you unlikely victory this week. Definitely have some big news and good news coming your way this week. I feel also love opportunities present themselves to you. This could be one that evolves into a real relationship.I feel also with this energy, you benefit through partnerships like collaborations, lawyers, therapist,and etc. Your cards this week are beautiful go with the flow and be in certainty this week. Don't allow others to affect all the good coming let them go and walk away.      


Looks like a very blessed week for the fishies. I see an opportunity to get to where you need to be very quickly. This week you are going to have more of a sense of purpose. And more confirmation on the path you are suppose to be on. I feel with this energy also with the things you want to do . You are not doing anything about them at this time. Just kind of waiting or wishing them to appear so initiative is going to be needed with your goals. At this time I see you emotional stable and wanting to stay that way. For others of you no change will be made at this time.  With this energy, you are fighting for your ideals and they way you want things to be. I feel also with this energy, new love coming into your life, but you see more with your heart than what is in front of you. This could be a good thing or a bad thing