Sunday, November 20, 2016



I feel relationships issues are coming up or the thoughts of the past are coming up. You may not be over certain people in your life. I do see for some of you, love relationships or even custody battles are coming into the cards. But these people have a list of things you can and can not do . I feel for some of you this week, that you have some things up in the air especially with relationships in general. I feel also there could be a turn of events with mother or a mother figure in your life,  or it could be both. It has either them or me attitude the cards. You might have to choose between two people you love and are loyal too.


Keep the energy positive this week, you have allot of fun energy around you. You could be guided more by your intuition trust it and take initiative with it . You have the green light with what you want to do this week. For others of you, you are inspired by friends or they give you a better perspective into your situation. I feel also with this energy that you could be spiteful with some of your relationships. I feel this could be towards certain friendships. For others of you, this is a time for you to be on top, and how long you've been on the bottom. Is how long you'll stay on the top. I feel also people at work or others on the social media, may try to steal your ideas , copy or take away your thunder. Let them , learn to be your own unique self. Because Bulls are so creative , you can always create something better


Watch your emotional self this week you could be a bit obsessed with certain people or situations going . I feel also this week is life transforming for you. So this could be a new chapter in your life, a new love relationship, or this could be a promotion at work.You have positive changes coming up that bring you fullfillment with this energy. Or you could be really into the holiday spirit.  The holidays are making you very sentimental and you could be more about family. For some of you, even continuing the festivities this week. There is an absolute turn of events happening but I feel this is for the better so try to go more with the flow


Not the easiest energy with friends or the women in your life. Who ever needs to leave your life at this time let them. Part of your correction in life is learning to let go of your emotional attachments. So you can learn to move forward with your journey. Also with this energy it brings a level of self control . For some of you kicking out certain people in your life so you can have more positivity. This week you do have some downs happening but the cards want you to know that you are protected. Also with this energy, careful with being over indulgent with certain bad habits because it can affect your health.For some of you, you are so motivate; you have an opportunity to create your own reality.


With this energy it brings unexpected crisis or drama into your life . I feel that it something thats been brewing and brewing and now is going to spill all over some of you.  Try to acknowledge other people's feelings instead of being dismissive of them. I feel for others of you this energy brings about positive changes or new opportunities into your life. I feel for some of you , you are not to quick to jump into new things or meeting new potential love interest. I feel with this energy, you are very convincing or getting along better with certain people in your life. For others of you , you are torn between certain people in your life . I feel that you not making any decisions is going to bring some unforeseen events with these relationships. You may want to be open and honest about your circumstance to them. I feel for others of you it's your way of thinking that could be cause problems with relationships


At this time relationship issues are coming up and this is relationships in general. I feel with this energy, it's stubbornness and everyone just being stubborn in your way and their way of thinking. Someone has to be the bigger person and be the first one to move . In order to create peace in your life , in order to let go of this negative energy that you are hanging on too. I feel for others of you , your money situation is going get better this week. I feel that it's when you least expect it your money situation turns around. For some of you , you could be trendy on social media, or you may receive a boost with your numbers on social media. Or this could be a new direction with your work.    I feel for others of you, you could be a threat to someone in management. You could be next in line to take their position or you could out shine them this week


I see at this time, you may want to start paying attention to the messages and the signs about going your own way. At this time you have allot of things that you want to do that are more thought than action. With this energy, if you do decide to make changes in your life or certain changes it will be life altering experience, or even emotionally transformational. The cards also show you , you'll master a creative process, or even the master the art of parenting with this energy. I feel that you'll be an example for others to follow or inspire others with this energy. For some of you, reconciliations with certain family members can happen as well. I feel this will bring a deeper bond or understanding between the two of you.  


This week brings about some positive changes in your life especially with the things you want. So situations this week are more in your favor. I feel you are in better spirits this week , and you could feel emotionally freeing, definitely good news or financial relief coming to you . I see a situation in your life resolving itself in your favor. For others of you, you need to pay attention to all the good you have. And focus less on the future, because it's almost an obsession. This week try to be grateful for what you have not what your going to have. So try to stay in the present and try to take nothing for granted. I feel also with this energy, for some of you; someone is very generous and taking good care to make sure you are happy


I feel with this energy, you could be focusing more on your career, or your goals. For others of you could be leaving a specific group of people or quitting your job with this energy. Also with this energy, you are being guided to the right person to help you with your situation. I feel with this energy, you work in your own terms with others. You are open minded and kind of in a place of yes when it comes to other people's way of doing things. I feel also with this energy, you don't care who toes you are stepping on as long as the important people are happy. This week you have your reasoning why you are doing what you are doing and not that many people may understand that


Lots of people in your life this week. Some of these relationships or situations you are thinking about removing yourself from or leaving them. I feel at this time you are allowing your emotional self to get the best of you. For some of you all your concentration and energy is on one goal or a particular facet of your life. That everything else seems unimportant to you right now. For some of you,    the trouble you have gone through and sees to it that your suffering will be short and a recovery of what you had prior to your unfortunate choices is coming soon.I feel that you need to watch your attitude towards others because you are focusing on your responsibilities and your unhappiness. Your being attacking towards others because you aren't currently getting your way with certain situations. So try to work on getting out of this emotional tar. Try to see the bigger pictures of things and what you can do in the now


I see your way of thinking is going to change this week. I feel also there are some confrontations going on . But sometimes they need to happen so you can rebuild a relationship or make necessary changes with in your self. I feel also with this energy there is allot of good in your life. I see a positive turn of events happening this week. I see a second source of income for some of you. But before you jump into it make sure you really research what you are getting into . Because it could be more of a burden than a blessing. I feel also with this energy, you could be letting go of the past and starting new. You have allot of turn of events happening this week but they are more in your favorite so go with the flow


I see you pleading your case this week and winning. I do see this being a difficult week with dealing with others. But at the end of  it all I see apologies and second chances are in order with this energy. I feel also with this energy, your way of thinking is going to change as well. Maybe the  way you think about the person or the situation. Which is going to cause you to make some necessary changes in your life. I feel also at this time you could be wallowing in your own self pity. Listen to that emotion because it could be time of letting go certain situations, or ways of doing things that are not working for you. For others of you , I see new money situations working out in your favor with this energy. I feel this is a great week for those of you in business. For others of you try to avoid airing your dirty laundry out on the social media. Keep it classy not trashy