Sunday, November 27, 2016




I feel this is a time for fate to come in and play it's hand. I feel at this time you are being led on your journey. This could be through the new people you meet or a new love interest. For what ever reason this person or situation is there to put you on your path. Or to help you make decisions on where to go on your journey. I feel for some of you this week, you have to revisit the past before you can move into future. You have to take your ownership in a certain situation and let go of loss, because  you have to take ownership for your part in that loss. I feel with this energy, you have an opportunity this week to create your own reality. For others of you be careful for falling for another person's lies.


At this time you have allot of things you want to do or change but everything is up in the air at this time. So your not going to make any changes,I feel if change does happen this going to be through your hard work and perseverance. I feel at this time money situation is getting better for you. I see new love opportunities coming your way this week for some of you. I feel for others at this time thoughts of moving are coming up but these are more thought than action. I feel people in your life present change to you but you are more thinking about it than doing it . Because this wasn't your idea so your being stubborn about new ideas by others.  This week trust your self and let your intuition guide you, because it will bring about a shift in your energy


This week your focus is on the matters of the heart for some of you. I feel your dating life could pick up . I see two suitors in the cards, one you already know like someone you already been with and the other one someone you are currently dating or someone new. I feel at this time for some of you, you are going to date at this time before making up your mind. I feel with career, money could get better or a transfer to a different store, or job opportunities can happen. I feel at this time , if it's to a new job , I feel your current job might sweeten the deal for you and convince you to stay. For others of you someone from your past is coming back to see how you are doing.I feel also with this energy becareful with others because some one might be emotionally manipulating this week


I feel at this time you need to be careful with the men in your life, because their way of thinking it's a bit childish. Childish in the not so good way so it's best to not feed into their energy and what they are going through. I feel that you may try to be spiteful to someone but will only shoot your foot off at the end of the day. So watch your emotional self and the decisions that you make at this time. I feel for some of you this energy brings some life altering experience, so some of you can get pregnant this week. Or this are other permanent changes coming up for you. I feel for some of you, something you've been wanting for , for a very long time can manifest in your life.


This week you have some major changes that you want to make but some of these are up in the air at this time. I feel the ones that are up in the air are endings you want to make either quitting your job or ending a relationship. What I see in the cards you could be dealing with a dominating person in your life, and he could also be a heavy drinker. This could be a boss or a love interest. I feel this is more of a thought than an action with decisions in regards them. I feel also this week you might understand how another person in your life work. I feel this could be a mother figure or a very close female in your life. For others  someone you have a crush may talk to you this week, or you may have the honor in engaging in a long conversation with them.


I feel with this energy it comes with career growth. But you may not be so quick to take these new opportunities. Because you know the amount of responsibility that it entails and the pay and work don't match up. For some of you this energy, you may do with out in the name of integrity. I feel also with this energy for some of you. This energy brings a life altering experience either with love or with  a new job. I feel for some of you money situation can turn around for you. I feel also mom or dad might be very giving to you financially with this energy. So if you are strap for cash you can go to them for help. Or they could be very generous and just give for the sake of giving. Their way of doing something nice for you this week .


This week change is happening and you have to take initiative this week. For some of you, you may have to pick which team your going to be on at this time. I feel that energy is very rushed so your not going to like this rushed energy . Plus it's not on your time. I feel for some of you , you maybe feeling the pressure of a move coming up. Or thoughts of moving could be coming up with this energy. For others of you this could be dealing with property matters at this time. At this time relationships can be a bit difficult because you and another person aren't seeing eye to eye. I feel for others of you, this could be good news coming into your  life and the changes you need to make maybe very quick. So this could be emotionally an overwhelming time for you.  


Your communications skills are very strong with this energy. I feel that if you need to speak to a group or speak to important now would be a good time today. I feel you are very convincing to others with this energy. I feel for others of you, someone maybe taking credit for your work or might be copying what you are doing.  This is a great week for new money opportunities or investment opportunities to present themselves. For some of you this week , you are being stubborn and not changing your ways of doing things. I feel this is a power struggle because you like to be in control of your situation. I feel with some of  you, who've been working on your spirituality you may find sparks of miracles happening to you


The cards are telling me at this time when you socialize or getting along with certain relationships like love relationships. They affect your alignment with money. So if your having money problems at this time put the focus on your love relationship. Enjoy your relationships to help alleviate your money situation.  I also feel with this energy, what you want is becoming or manifesting in your reality this week. I feel also in regards to business or career, you benefit through your relationships. I see things working out in your favor this week . So if you have difficulties with this energy here. Put the focus on your relationships.


I see money worries coming up . I feel also there could be powerstruggles with certain relationships in your life. I feel at this time relationships issues are front and center but you are not going to make any decisions at this time. I feel this is a way to control the relationship.I do see allot of stubbornness and sometimes we need to learn to be the bigger person and bend something to think about .  For some of you, your willing to work on your love relationship this week . For others of you new love is coming in at this time, but you are thinking about it .  I do also see in the cards money worries coming up at this time. Try not to intrigue these thoughts because you don't want them to manifest in your life.


I see talks of moving happening for some of you this week. I feel you are dealing with allot of people this week. I see money opportunities coming your way but for some of you. You might think about it before jumping into something new. I see love opportunities coming your way too. I feel also a major decision is coming it , and it will be made this week. This can be something that is short term or long term. For some of you , you could be taking some major chances with certain situations going on in your life. For others of you, you are victim of circumstances with this energy. This is a great energy for creative projects or social media. I feel for some of you, a plan should go exactly as plan this week


The cards are telling me , keep the past in the past. I see someone coming back from your past this week, but the cards don't like this person. I feel also this week, you might be more focus on your happiness and well being. Letting go of allot of bad habits. I feel with this energy, this is a great week for multi tasking . I see also you are able to leave behind manipulative people with this energy or even leave your emotional attachments. In order to pursue what you love doing. You'll see by doing this it will remove certain blockages in certain areas of your life. For others of you, you could be leaving a group of people , quitting your job but your doing this to start a new with this energy