Thursday, November 3, 2016



The moon today is forming a T-square with your 1,4,10. Watch your emotional self today .I feel this is issues with control . Either people are not listening to you, or you can't control or have difficulties getting other to do what you want them to do. At this time, do your part but if they don't want to listen. Than thats fine or you may have to speak to them differently. Or you may have to have a talk to them. If they aren't willing to listen to what you have to say today.


You might be very guided by your intuition today. For others of you a great time to delve into the power of prayer. For some of you, you need to be careful with your spending. For some of you with business this can be a good time for you in regards to making money. For some of you, you have an opportunity to learn new things , or to be more organized today, like cleaning your room , house or office


Be very careful with money opportunities today, or even with loans with this energy. Watch the decisions you are making because of money, read everything and research. With this energy, you can be bring sudden clarity to a situation just make sure you communicate , what's going on


I feel with this energy you can have positive talks with those in authority. Or people who can real make things happen. For others of you slowing going through the process with legal matter, personal paper, and slowly getting things done today. With this energy, you are on top of things today, and you may even do well in crisis situations


Try not to make any promises at this time because you could be going out tonight or making plans to go out. Just play things by ear with this energy. I feel with this energy, this can be an empowering time for you. You could feel like you are getting things done. For some of you good news with court, immigration or school


I feel with this energy, you aren't in a very sharing mood about your feelings or experience. When ask you act like everything is okay; today try to speak up. I feel with this energy, you can be getting paper work together, preparing taxes, or putting your life back on track today. For some of you , you can feel like your accomplishing something today


This is a great time to make things happen you are very ambitious with this energy . What ever you put your mind too , you make it happen. For some of you this can be making plans with friends to go out, or making plans to travel. You are very motivated with this energy.


With this energy, you are more adaptable to others at this time. You are more willing to work on yourself today. For others of you anything unique or unusual really sparks your curiosity. So you could be on line investigating to satisfy your curiosity. For some of you , you could have some unusual experiences today.


For some of this is a great energy for writers, for others of you lots of communication going on between you and someone new.  For some of you, spending more time with children , or those who are younger than you. With this energy, thoughts of the ex can come up. For some of you, you might speak to the ex and conversations may not go so well today. For others of you, watch the way you speak to others today


Still have that beautiful water trine keep your thoughts positive.This is a great time for career or business with this energy. This energy, when you do things differently you get different results , so try to do something new especially when it comes to your relationships. I feel for others of you , you need to work on getting out of your head today because you could be overly anxious at this time


Your way of thinking defers from others people's way of thinking. I feel at this time the energy is asking you to adjust to other person. Patience is needed for others you are still trying to figure out and get to know. For others of you, you could open up a tiny bit and talk about yourself, but the challenge would be to stay in the relationship.


For some of you the focus is on your money, and your money situations. Major changes can happen today for better or for worst in regards to career, business or your money situation. For some of you turning hobbies into money making opportunities. For others of you, this is an  increase in pay. Try to trust yourself today. For others of you , you are being guided by your intuition