Tuesday, November 15, 2016



Moon in Gemini is forming a Yod, which is fated. Watch your emotional self because you are fighting with yourself today. If not get a second opinion to hear what someone else think you should do before doing. Because if you do decide to act upon it , it will bring change for better or worst . I feel this has to deal with how others treat you at work, or this can be about your relationships. So careful with the talks you want to have with others. Make  sure that it's private and there isn't  an audience around


 With this energy relationships especially friendships are highlighted today. As others maybe wanting to change you in order for you to fit in better with the crowd. Or you may be put in a situation where friendships with a certain group and their approval is more important to you. Than some of your long term friendships or relationships . You could be choosing between the two . For others of you, you are focus on your goals and others want your time or attention. Give it to them because this is going to create balance in your life and with your relationship


Careful with the decisions you make for some of you , you are fighting with yourself. For others of you be on the right  side of the law today. For others of you, you have some information that can destroy a person. It's up to you what you do with your information because everything is karma and cause and effect so careful with your choices. Sometimes it's best to allow things to play themselves out


This would be a good day to work on compromise and being adaptable. Because even though you are more likely to defend your argument. Others will use your arguement to get their point across. With this energy, others of you have lessons in being more of your self . So try to be honest with new relationships. Because if you try to be relatable to the new people in your life. They might find you as being to much or even fake


I feel for some of you, you can make some major changes with in a group or the focus is towards media and social media. I feel for some of you, you might be trendy with your words or with your work. For others of you, For others of you, you can be more of a help at work with your innovative ideas. Or others can benefit from you at this time.


Your past hurts are coming out today, and want to be acknowledge. Because this is something that is still in your psyche that needs to be release. So slow down acknowledge that hurt, and let it go. Drop the argument or talk about this past hurt that your not over with . So the other person can understand you a bit better. Sometimes what happens when others know that this hurts you. They are more than likely not going to bring it up again . Or help you through this hurt, and maybe you'll have a better understand of where they are coming from .


This is a fun energy to learn something new especially something that you want to learn. Good news can happen especially around career. For some of you, you are very creative and being guided by your intuition. I feel for others this is a very social time and making plans for the holidays. With this energy, brings opportunities to understand others on a deeper level. Especially those you haven't been getting along with


Change is happening today and this could be with certain relationships in your life. Who ever needs to leave your life let them go. For others of you, you can't take rejection so this can make you obsessive about this person. So try to acknowledge thats ego 's need for acceptance. Because you are probably the person normal breaking up with someone else or ending the friendship. For others of you, this could be you getting your life back on track or at least cleaning your house, or getting yourself a bit more organized today


Moon in the ninth house is forming a beautiful air 1,5,9. Keep your thoughts positive because thoughts become things . For some of you , you can be more motivate to make some changes in your life.  For others of you, you get this positive energy through your social life. So your social life may pick up today. You'll find it motivates you to take more initiative in your life especially with the things you want to  do  


I feel with this energy people might take what you say literally . Watch what you say to others with this energy. I see disagreements can happen or even miscommunications because you aren't saying whats really on your mind, or your not being honest with your feelings. For some of you , you can focus your energy towards your goals and accomplish allot with this energy


With this energy you need to communicate your feelings. Because others maybe asking to much of you, or you could feel like certain people in your life might be taking advantage of you. For others of you this can be a confusing time for you emotionally not knowing which direction to go . For others of you, you could be very aggressive with your goals and stepping over others to get what you want . You could lose some friends with your ambitious nature


 I feel with this energy, you could feel more motivate when it comes to your goals or what you want to do . For others of you this can be a fun social energy time.For others a great day for thoughts to become things so keep this energy positive .  You are more action orientated with this energy, and more willing or wanting to make changes today.