Monday, November 7, 2016



Today you might not getting your way with a situation so be careful with your actions. I feel with this energy , it does bring about power struggles but you have to be reasonable. For some of you the fight is not over, you'll just have to go through another door. For others of you, you could feel defeated which is fine another lesson under your belt to learn. But you can find another way around things or start all over


I feel with this energy you could be forgetful or you have problems paying attention. Try to slow down your way of thinking before assuming things. Also make sure you understand what you are getting into because you might jumping into something you didn't expect


With this energy , this can bring about your creative side of you. I feel for some of you this can be a fun energy time at work , or just a fun energy time socializing. Possibly meeting new people even though you are a bit cautious with the new people coming into your life but the opportunity is there.


At this time good news is coming your way with this energy. You are feeling optimistic and you may find that your thoughts become things with this energy. I feel with this energy, you could be pussy footing around situations or issues. Just because you don't want to fight or you don't know how the other person is going to react. Sometimes we have to do what makes us happy, because the other person doesn't care about your happiness.


I feel with this energy, you need to do something different in your routine. You could feel restless, if so step out of your routine with this energy. For others you , you jump at anything new going on at work. For some of you, you could be making some major changes in your life. This could be because of your need to make changes. For some of you this can bring a time where you are going to start over in certain parts of your life


This can be a fun energy time for you, trust your intuition as it is guiding some of you. For others of you , you have many directions that you can choose to go . You are looking more forward to different options and not feeling so stuck in your situation. For some of you, you can get very defensive when it comes to certain conversations. Because you are not ready to confront certain issues or problem that are bothering you.


With this energy you show your love by giving to others. I feel at this time, others can lean on you or question your integrity or make you prove that you love them.By doing something nice for them. Also with this energy new people or experiences are coming into your life. But you aren't gun ho to jump into anything new. Unless it's your idea


This would be a good energy to keep it positive especially with thoughts and what you want. Careful with gossip because it could be more interesting than your job or what you have going on. You could be to the point of getting yourself involve in something that has nothing to do with you. For some of you, some one in your life may put you into crisis mode over nothing


You have a beautiful water trine today, so it's up to you , what kind of day you want. You want a beautiful manifesting day or this energy can ride you like the pony on a Tuesday, like a Rhinestone cowboy. Enjoy the energy because it also dictates your money situation. For some of you, you might not be willing to speak up when it comes to certain relationships, because you don't want to offend or rock the boat . For others of you, you could be feeling a bit lonely and looking for attention with this energy


This would be a great time to learn something new especially something that you are interested in. For some of you, you benefit through the women in your life. For some of you, thoughts of changing careers can happen. Or you may feel this could be the time where you want to start up your own business with this energy. For others of you expect the unexpected today


I feel the trouble comes when you aren't considerate of other people's feelings or time. So try to be more observant or empathetic to what others are going through. For others of you, you could feel  a little bit like an outcast or like you don't fit it in. Try not to intrigue these thoughts, know yourself value and self worth. Watch your emotional self today because you can be very defensive or offended by what others are doing or not doing


Your thoughts or views may not be very popular today. Others may not like your opinion so get ready for the trolls to come out on the comment bars, or to stand up for your views. If you want to avoid all this mess, keep talks of politics out of your mouth. I feel that you could get a tongue lashing today . Keep a low profile and try not to get baited into conversation