Wednesday, November 9, 2016



Very well aspected with the moon in your second house of money. This is a could time for business to pick up or get a bit busy today.Watch your spending today because you like to indulge yourself. I feel also with this energy, you could be starting new projects or you could be guided by your intuition .


For better or worst change is happening today with career sector so try to keep it positive with this energy. Meetings can go really well today . For some of you, this is a fun time with groups.I feel with this energy, your opinions and views can be heard with this energy. For others thinking about making a difference and for some of you a popular time on the social media


There are some positive talks happening in the right direction. Any issues you have with others or a situation , you'll have a better understand of them or the situation. You have or know some really powerful people in good position. They are in a position to help you if you ask


This would be a good time for meetings or conversations with certain people in your life. That you normally don't get along with. Be open minded to other people's opinions or their way of thinking. For some of you this energy brings about plans for the weekend, try to come from a place of "YES".


I feel with this energy, you jump over backwards for certain relationships in your life. This can also be good news coming your way today, and a good time for love relationships. Do be careful with relationships with the opposite sex. You are not very sympathetic or understanding about their problems because you are more focus on your good and good energy today.


With this energy, try to speak and say what's on your mind. Because some of you , may feel push around today. You still have that beautiful water trine going on, so don't let this energy ride you. Take more initiative in your life.  You have the lilith moon conjunct with Mercury in your fifth house. So thoughts of the past or an ex who broke your heart could come up today


Not the easiest energy with the lilith moon in the fourth house. For some of you , you could stop talking to certain family members because your not getting along with them at this time. Also with this energy watch your emotional self, because you feel like since I do this , and this for you. Therefore I deserve or command your respect. Even if the person didn't ask for those things. You feel that they owe you that respect


At this time, you need to be careful with your emotional self  because you tend to nit pick your relationships in general. Everything at this time is cause and effect, so careful with what you say to others. For some of you the north node opposing chiron is showing you the toxic relationship or patterns ,this is an opportunity to change your way of thinking


With this energy, you can over come your laziness and move forward with goals and ideas. For others of you, you could feel more motivate to work on things you've been putting off.  I for some of you, when it comes to certain obligations , you are more willing or want to get out of them.


Careful with this energy because some of you have a self defeatist attitude .  You just need one Yes and sometimes when you set out to do something you get a bunch of No's but you need one yes/For others of you know your self value and self worth. With this energy, when it comes to ideas or art , you just create and do


With this energy, it's going to bring up issues of being the outcast or the black sheep. You don't take rejection so well. Try to work on things that make you happy, and pick yourself up quickly and move on. We make plans and God laugh at them, so he has someone or a different situation in mind for you. A better situation or person.  For some of you, you can put yourself in other people's shoes because you've been rejected or the black sheep so you understand where they are coming from .


You are making changes today because it feels like the right thing to do for you. With this energy, you could be having fun with new gadgets that you purchase or going to be purchasing and playing around with them. For others of you, you could be disappearing more into things that make you happy today. Temporarily checking out from the world today.