Monday, November 28, 2016




I feel with this energy you could be more about picture just remember the details first. It might difficult for you today to focus on one particular thing with this energy. Don't make plans today because you are more about playing things by ear. I feel also with Sagittarius in your ninth house this would be a great day to tap into the power of prayer with this energy. Get your juju on with this energy


With this energy, you do well when you are out and about because this brings out your happy go lucky energy. I feel with this energy you are very adaptable to any situation that you put yourself in today. You don't allow allot of things to bother you with this energy. For some of you, you could feel the heaviness of this energy if you stay cooped up in the house or in a office. So try to step outside or take a walk. You will feel the energy shift when you do so .  


For some of you, if you are up for it , you could be invited out and have an incredible experience today. I feel for some of you , you could be inspired by something  going on in your life. That inspires you to talk about it or express concerns on your social media page. I feel for others of you trusting your intuition. You have an opportunity now to start new projects or make certain changes at this time.


Moon in the 12th house this would be a good time, to delve more into your spirituality and keep your words positive today. For others of you, you could be more quiet and to yourself with this energy .  I feel with this energy you embrace new ways of thinking and doing things. For others of you, you are very much about your independence. You prefer to work alone and on your time with this energy. Watch your emotional self with this energy


I feel with this energy, you can't stand people playing games with you and you may call them out on it . If you feel they are playing games or being phony with this energy. Watch how you speak to others at this time , you could be very opinionated in your way of thinking. I feel with this energy you could have some strong likes and dislikes with this energy


Watch or try to remember what you have spent your money on today. Because later on you might be shocked on how much you spent or where did your money go. So try to keep better track with your spending today. I feel with this energy you might be avoiding  certain rules at this time. There could be power struggles in regards to rules you have to follow. For some of you, you want things done in a particular way today


With this energy, you need to watch your thoughts because thoughts can become things. You need to be more grounded and in the present because some of you can be obsessive with certain things going on in your life. I feel for some of you the focus is towards relationships and you have a difficult time keeping the peace with some of  those relationships. I feel with this energy you have an easy time dividing your time between work and home or personal life


Watch your emotional self because you could feel stuck with certain relationships. There is a lack of communication going on because you are more quiet and to yourself with this energy. So try to talk out your feelings with certain people in your life. For some of you try to stay more in the present today because this energy can be abit heavy. For others of you , this energy brings about change in regards to home or property matters during this time


You have a beautiful kite energy today with the new moon. So keep the energy positive today and you may want to watch your word because thoughts can become things very quickly with this energy. For some of you this energy brings about new experiences today. I feel this is a moving forward energy, but make sure to look or remember the little details that go along with your moving forward energy


Keep this energy optimistic because you'll find when you do your problems get resolved. Try not to spend so much time on your feet for some of you this could cause lower back problems. I feel also with this energy major changes can happen today for better or worst so try to keep the energy positive


The focus is more on your relationships today. Changes with career or relationships can happen with this energy for better or worst. At this time  sticking to your career could be difficult and you may feel like you need to change in this area of your life. I feel for others of you this could be a lucky time for  you. So play lotto win $5 dollar ticket. For others watch your thoughts because thoughts become things today


I feel with this energy, there could be power struggles with relationships in regards to money , court or custody battles . Also for some of you, this energy does bring luck to you so just keep it positive at this time. I feel for others of you, you are dealing with a loss at this time or this could be someone around you dealing with a loss. I feel at this time stormy relationships are the focus