Tuesday, November 8, 2016



The moon in Pisces in your second house, you can be more about your thoughts, you can check out today and be more about your dream world than your reality. Discipline is needed and so is focus don't try to be in your head to long. Because you may find that it'll affect other areas of your life.


At this time the focus becomes your career or business. For some of you, problems are happening that may require your attention. Others of you worried about career and business because your not where you should be. For others of you, you care more about what others think and your feeling self conscious. Try to focus more on yourself worth, and focusing more on the positive. You need to change your vibrational alignment, and let go of worry. Focus today on the things you can control and what makes you happy.  


For some of you, you have a different way of showing affection and through what you do for others, and how you physically take care of them. It's hard for you to do but let someone know that you appreciate and care for them. Watch how much it touches the others person.  Don't do , tell the other person how important they are in your life, open up


Change is happening with your partnerships in general and this could be more towards your love relationships. For some of you this can be change with career or signing contracts or renegotiations.At this time a family member may put some more responsibility on your shoulders. Or may ask to much of you at this time. So careful with your words choose them wisely and above ALL HAVE COUTH


Change is happening with some of your relationships especially with the women in your life. Either you are asking to much from them or they are asking to much from you with this energy.  For others of you, your change is going to be in your habits or the way you treat others. Something is going to have to change today in order for you to move in the direction to where you want to go. Or where you want to be in life. For some of you, you could have to acknowledge what you are or not doing to help yourself


The moon in your ninth house conjunct with the part of fortune forming a water trine. Hello, manifest away my crab babies, but remember this energy can still ride you like the pony that you are so you have to be deliberate in your actions. You have to take more control over your feelings and be in the present.This can be a great energy time for you or this energy can really muck with you


Careful with health , you could be accident prone with this energy and also take care of your emotional self today. For some of you , you benefit through partnerships, or you can be receiving good news through the government or the court system. For some of you this good news can be in regards to property matters, or with inheritance


At this time you can learn about yourself through conversations with others. Try to be careful with how you speak to others as well because you can seem a bit harsh. So try to have some couth, and try to see things through the other persons perspective. For some of you , you are dealing with your emotional self, so this would be a good time to get yourself unstuck. Shift your thoughts to things that make you happy, and take more initiative in how you want to feel today . Also for some of you don't push others or seem so demanding


This can be a fun energy time for you especially at work. You could be more playful with this energy. For others of you, you could be more with your thoughts and day dreaming allot more than usual. For others you opportunities to work over time with this energy. There can be certain drama with people in your life because of jealousy


This can be a fun energy day for you. For some of you, you could find a new  place to eat at , for others of you discover some place new that you never been too. I feel with this energy , people can surprise you or catch you off guard. If someone seems frustrated or overwhelmed avoid them at all cost. Because they will turn around and let  you have it . For some of you, making friends with unlikely people in your life


For some of you , thoughts of the past can come up with this energy. For others of you the focus is more towards your home and family. There could be some problems with the physical house itself or you could be dealing with property matters. For others of you not getting along with family today. And for others of you the focus is more towards thoughts of moving with this energy


Your intuition is highlighted with this energy.With this energy, you are getting along better with others, this could even be a peaceful day for you as well.I feel with this energy, you are more about fun and not taking things or other people's problem seriously. You could even avoid certain people because they are upset or annoyed about their problems. You try to be more about your happiness with this energy