Sunday, November 6, 2016



I feel with this energy, you could be dealing with difficult people in your life. You may have to assert yourself with them , or you may have to speak up. I feel also you could be having difficulties with the opposite sex today. I feel it has to deal with that everything is not equal but you want it to be equal so pick and choose your battles


Watch your emotional self today, you could slip into a bit of depression with this energy because you are more into your feelings . So it's difficult to see the other things happening in your life. You could feel defeated today with some obstacles or delays. This could even mean you have to do more in order to get what you want


You really need to create some boundaries with certain relationships. I feel with this energy, you are doing all the work and the other person is not doing their part. This could be they don't feel like they should, or they could be dealing with their feelings. Sometimes that can be a bit of a burden. So try to know the difference. Or if it makes you feel better try to express your feelings in a calm manner. This will give them the hint to start respecting or acknowledging your boundaries


Moon in your tenth house is highlighted today. With this energy, brings about doing good deeds for others, and for some of you taking care of others. I feel at this time watch your thoughts because thoughts can become thing. Also try to do something different that is out of your comfort zone and it will bring different results.


With this energy, you can be a great mediator and also a great teacher today. For others of you, you could be meeting new people through the social media pages. For others of you , this could be interesting day with people so expect the unexpected with this energy. Some people in your life may surprise you


Careful with what you say to others, you could be a bit nasty. Especially when you don't  get your way. Change is happening today so try to go more with the flow. You could be accident prone with this energy. With this energy , careful because you are more concern about what other people think. This can really cause confusion with moving forward with what you want


You can be very impulsive today, especially with what you want to do . You could randomly visit people today at their job , or pop in someone's house unannounced to say "HI". OR create some kind of surprise for your lover.Also you are very action orientated today, so you put ideas into action really quick


I feel at this time you are following your own little drummer, instead of following protocol or the rules today.   You can be a bit of a psychic sponge so watch your emotional self, because some situations or other people's energy can make you sick. Step out of the area you are in for five minutes and come back . To see if the energy change, or to see if you can separate your feelings from the feelings of others.


This is a fun energy to socialize with others. For some of you , you are very inventive and can turn hobbies into money making ideas. For others of you focusing more on your hobbies. Or even being a bit of a trend setter at work. Keep your thoughts positive today because thoughts can become things really quickly with this energy


Watch your emotional self today. For some of you , a move is indicated with this energy. For others of you stay out of your head today. Your midheaven is highlighted so you can be super sensitive. You feel like you need the respect and you can be very prideful with this energy. So try to be self aware of ego talking. Stay in the present quiet the noise in your head. Treat each situation that you go through today differently


Opportunities seem to come out of no where with this energy. As others want to help you to grow. There could be plans to travel for a weekend getaway or spend time with friends. For some of you , you benefit through your relationships. Emotionally you could feel a bit better today or a bit more optimistic. You do bring the fun to work, or where ever you are


There could be some problems with money today or unexpected bills coming up. So don't allow that to ruin your mood. I feel you do have good news coming in , in regards to career. I feel today , you have some good and some bad coming so just keep the energy positive . I feel also with this energy, this is a good time for self reflection . I feel certain issues or people, you have some serious thinking to do