Monday, November 21, 2016


Marie Moore Live Stream via @YouTube Monday night at 10:40 pm EST live prayer session.This week cause and effect


Moon in the sign of Virgo in your 8th house. You could feel very accomplished today or like you got your life back on track with this energy.You are making the necessary changes in your life to put your life back in order or to at least feel like your on top of things. Also with this energy, you like to take care of others and provide for others with this energy. Your just in a better head place because you are taking more control of your situations you have


For some of you , this is could day to move forward with career. You could feel like you are providing for your family, or you are able to do for others today. You are very competitive with this energy. So much so that you work on improving your game with this energy. With this energy when you ask for help you shall receive it today. For others of you, you need to be aggressive when it comes to opportunities for growth, remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease


Watch your emotional self with the moon in Virgo . At this time you maybe talking about making  some drastic changes in your life. Others may not be on board with your ideas , because its the total opposite of what they expect for you . For others the changes that you want to make , may affect them too. They may not be on board with your changes


For some of you this could be a popular energy time for you. Your social might begin to pick up or people at work maybe talking to you more. For others of you this is a great time for those of you in social media. With this energy, you could be receiving good news in regards to court, loans, or finally paying off certain debts, You are going to feel on top of things today


For some of you this energy brings about some major changes. For some of you, people are putting you in a position to pick and choose. For some of you this could cause changes with certain relationships. It's my way or the highway attitude. At this time, you may have to adapt to certain situations especially when it comes to picking and choosing and trying to make everyone happy or just keeping the peace.


With this energy, sometimes you have to agree to disagree with this energy. You have to learn to be adaptable in order to create more peace in your life. You have a direction that you want to go into but others seem to be your biggest critics. Or giving you a hard time when it comes to getting what you want.Sometimes you have to do whats in your best interest. For some of you that is devising a plan to go at it on your own.  


In order to get what you want you have to learn to adapt or compromise with others today. Watch your spending today , you could be over the top with your spending . For others of you , you might be pampering yourself today. Also with this energy you need to pay attention to certain details or your money situation. For others of you, you could forget important paper with this energy. For some of you, you can be overly critical of others today


The personal life and the home life become the focus and changes in those two areas of your life can occur today. I feel with this energy, there is allot of confusion on what to do with certain situations. The best thing to do if you don't know what to do is to do nothing at this time. With this energy, you take things personally at this time. You need to watch what you say to others because everything is cause and effect. For some of you, your energy is low so you may not feel like doing anything .


I feel with this energy, you need to have a filter. You may say what ever comes to your mind today, out loud. The moon in Virgo in your 12th house, you need to watch your emotional self. I feel that your self confidence or your low self esteem comes out. For some of you, you could be beating up yourself . You do have the part of fortune conjunct with Sagittarius so try to keep the energy positive . You might find you think it , it happens today


I feel with this energy you can be very intense especially when it comes to the changes you want or with others around you. Careful how you speak to others because you might seem a bit intimidating . I feel with this energy, if you love your job , your going to take a deeper interest in your career sector. Possibly upgrading yourself with your career, and trying to keep up with all the trends


I feel with this energy it's a time of moving forward. You are taking more initiative with your actions today. For some of you , this is starting new projects or new business ventures today. With this energy, you can be a positive role model in your child's life or those who are younger than you. For others of you , you could be encouraging certain talents in the young people around you.


Watch your emotional self today, be based on facts or else your mind is going to make you feel paranoid. Keep your thoughts positive today , because thoughts can be come things for better or worst with this energy. I feel with this energy you could do something out the ordinary today. Or you may surprise others with your spontaneity.