Wednesday, November 16, 2016



Moon in the sign of Cancer, I feel with this energy not getting along with the opposite sex.  With this energy, you can be sensitive and care what other thinks. I feel that you may agree to things just to keep the peace in some of your relationships. For some of you people in your life may take you out of your routine , and you may do something unexpected or go some place new


For some of you , the focus is more towards your goals. For others of you there is a sense of destiny or purpose. You may feel more motivated to move forward with ideas. For others you are being guided by your intuition. For some of you, you could feel like your coming into your own and feeling like a leader in your field. For others of you, you could be making plans to travel or stepping out of your routine.


  The moon in cancer in the 8th house. You could be expressing a bit more of your emotional needs, and this may not be an easy thing to do. So today it may seem like to others that you have to do different personas.Also with this energy, you have no one else to blame but yourself. The truth path to spirituality is taking ownership of what we did wrong. Miss opportunities can happen because you put something off till last minute.


With this energy, you expect a certain amount of loyalty from others, and you could be disappointed when you don't see it or receive it. I feel with this energy, you may say something snarky or ignore the person with this energy.  For others of you, you could be more spontaneous when it comes to your relationships. Have random get togethers or little outings today


  With this energy, if you don't raise your hand or speak up you could be missing some opportunities today. Don't assume because management like you, or your friend knows your going through something . That they are just going automatically say something to you and help you. Tell them what you want from them at this time. The squeaky wheel always gets the grease.You can be very creative in your way of thinking. Also very creative at problem solving


Today try to be on the right side of the law because you aren't paying attention to details or certain responsibilities and your being careless. For others at this time focus on other people's problems because sometimes yours get resolved because your not putting some much energy in whats wrong. For others of you, this could be a powerful time to overcome certain obstacles


Moon in Cancer is forming a Yod, which is fated. For some of you, you have to many options going on which can cause confusion. For others of you, you need to stay out of your head because you tend to be a bit spontaneous with your actions. Everything you do is cause and effect and you don't want to regret it latter. Try to get a second opinion or talk to a friend about what it is you want to do before doing.  


Moon in Cancer today,watch your emotional self.You can be very stuck in your way of thinking  and you have a difficult time seeing other people's point of view. You have to know when to stop an argument especially when its not going anywhere and let it go. Sometimes we have to be the to plant the seed and someone else will come along to soe it. Someone in your life may not want to be fixed they just want to emotionally dump on you today.


 Change is happening today. I feel that you need to change your behavior or outlook on certain situations going on around you , so that your situation can change for the better.. I feel this is all about certain behavior patterns in you that are being highlighted with this energy. That are no longer beneficial to you. At this time try to find freedom with certain relationships in your life or in your current situation


I feel that you might check out today and be in your own little world, it's nice up there. For others of you trusting your intuition and being led by it. For others a creative time for you , you might be delving more into hobbies or your art. For some of you, delving more into spirituality or metaphysics and focusing more on your well being and happiness


 I feel with this energy, that you may need to step out of your routine for a bit . You could use some alone time. As some of you might feel that others are to dependent on you. To you it could almost feel like this needy energy. At this time try to create boundaries with this energy, or even try to help the other person. For some of you this could be with your children especially your adult children being to needy on you. Or being to dependent on you for things. For others of you , it could be your way or the highway attitude so this could cause some kind of alienation from others.


You have a Yod with the moon in Cancer. Today you could be to emotionally involved with your work so try to go more with the flow.For others of you, you may feel compelled to do your own thing and not listen to the group. You need to becareful with your actions because they do have consequences. This could be really testing some of your relationships with others especially the women in your life.