Sunday, October 16, 2016

17 October 2016 Weekly Tarotscopes by Marie Moore


Change is happening this week. Keep the energy positive. I feel for some of you thoughts of moving is coming . I feel that you are either quitting your job or breaking up with someone. You are creating the ends in your life this week. I feel also with this energy , career opportunities are coming . I do see you creating your own reality this week. You have allot of luck on your side . I feel also you can be dealing with someone in a power position. I feel this person will hear you out and help you with your problems or provide solutions for you. This could be a lawyer or someone in the government. You do have allot of good try not to be so much in your head


I see for some of you. Try to keep your thoughts to yourself when it comes to the things you want, especially in regards to children. I feel child custody battles can come up at this time. I feel also at this time love relationships can be fragile because you are feeling stuck. Possibility of breaks can happen so try to have a different conversation in your head. Or start to think about what it is you really want in a relationship or from this person. I feel for others of you this could be in regards to career and wanting something else. For some of you, it's hard to get rid of certain people because they have you peg as their type


I feel this week is a good energy week for you. Emotionally you are still going through so it's up to you how you want your week to be. I see career doing very well at this time. You are receiving recognition feeling more emotionally stable. Because money is doing better. At this time worry about you and focus on what you are doing. Because the more you focus on the other person, the more animosity you have to that person. I feel that this is a happy energy time for you. For some of you stronger bonds with love relationships are happening. For others of you , your job loves you so at this time try  to go more with the flow


Change is happening for the better this week. For some of you , you are in a better headspace. I feel your way of thinking is going to change in regards to certain situations. For others of you , letting go of hurt feelings and moving on this week. I feel that when it comes to what you want , you are stuck in that way of thinking. You still are fighting for what you want. You are able to see what is to come up on your journey. As well you are able to see where others will end up. I feel also you have a better level of self control. Which will lead to better or smoother transition in regards to change


I feel this is a fun energy time for you. You might be more into your inner life than into your reality this week. The focus for some of you is towards your children. They might be leaning on you a bit more . I feel this is a social time for some of you . For some of you this is more about doing things you like to do this week, and pleasing yourself. It's up to you what kind of week , you want this can be a really emotional week for  some of  you , or this can be a really fabulous week. Don't let this week ride you, saddle up. Also with this energy, becareful with other people, because you can be emotionally manipulated by others. And talked into things you do want to do.


At this time , you need to watch your emotionalself and listen to your own advice because at this time you are stuck in your feelings. All you want to do is emotionally dump on others, and you have to communicate that to others. Or else they may start getting annoyed with you especially if your not helping yourself. By getting out of your emotional self. I do see thoughts of the ex for some of you, someone from your past is coming back and for others of you the ex is reaching out to you this week. I feel with this energy, you have allot of good but you may not be appreciative of your good . I feel also for some of you good news is coming your way in regards to negotiations or contracts being updated with this energy.


At this time, you maybe starting over in certain areas of your life, and this time around you are going to do things differently. For some of you at this time, you have money making ideas with this energy, but at this time for some of you this is more of an idea. For those of you , if this is your birthday week make some birthday wishes with this energy. This is a beautiful energy time for you were things you want just come flowing into your life. For others of you , you are the master of your destiny, and for others this is a good time for popularity and recognition


At this time you need to trust your intuition with this energy. I feel that for some of you this is a busy time with work and career. For some of you staying more to yourself . With this energy you are sharing your knowledge to others at this time. For others of you this could be brain storming ideas at work, or helping out the place you work for by sharing your ideas with them. I feel at this time, this is a great energy for career this week. Especially in regards to contract jobs or government careers. I feel for others of you this can be on the job training or focus more on school with this energy. I do see love opportunities coming up for you. I feel that for some of you, your feelers are out and you may know who's going to ask you . Or who has a crush on you


Your stubbornness at this time can get you in trouble with your relationships or your current situation. At this time you aren't making decisions as way to control the situation. I feel that for some of you this is powerstruggles with love relationships. I feel for some of you an ex is coming back, or some one near and dear to you is coming back from your past. I feel also love opportunities present themselves but at this time you might be thinking about. I feel at this time , your not diving into anything new nor really want to intrigue your past.  I do see new people coming into your life but you are just getting to know them. I feel also this is a time to create a new reality this week.


You need to becareful with your emotional self because you get stuck in obsessive patterns or to comfortable with situations. That it may cause blockage in some areas of your life. So try to break routine and try to break obsessive thought patterns with this energy. I feel that you need to be more action orientated in your life. Because you feel like you want to do all these things but at the sametime some of you aren't doing anything at this time. For others of you , keep it positive with this energy, because you are getting ready to turn a corner. I feel this is a beautiful energy time for some of you moving forward with your career


You are very creative with this energy. You may be guided by your intuition to create. I feel at this time you are more about creating a joyous life with this energy. I feel also this is a great time for those of you in social media. I do see love opportunities coming up but I feel like this person wants to date.  I also see this is a good time for business for some of you. Also this is a great time for new  business ventures . I do see travel is around some of you , or a love maybe out of town for a little bit . I do see you being in a better head space because you have good news coming your way. I do see second chances with relationships, people reaching out to you asking for your forgiveness as well.


Major opportunities are going to come this week but research them, because it maybe to good to be true. I feel at this time fate seems to help you out or people in your life seem to help you along your way. I see a dream that you 've been wanting coming true so becareful what you wish for. I feel this week energy is very beautiful for some of you getting a second childhood with this energy. For others of you, the cards bring hope to your horoscopes that everything will start to turn around pretty soon. I feel for others of you , big news is coming your way that could be life changing or even change your money situation for the better.