Wednesday, October 26, 2016




Moon moves into the sign of Libra today. Emotionally you are in good spirits , optimistic and a bit playful with this energy. For others of you , you maybe more about your needs and can be more about your social today and making plans for the weekend. For others of you, you prefer to work alone and behind the scenes.


There is allot of focus on your 11th house. You might be invited out today. For some of you this is more of a fun energy time where your focus is more towards your friends and play. Watch your spending today because money maybe coming in for some of you, but it's quickly leaving. Love opportunities coming through group settings or some really deep conversations 


For some of you, you are a bit more curious about metaphysics or the spiritual side of life. You might be learning something new pertain to that part of life. For others of you delving more into your spiritual side of life. You are able to communicate your needs to others with this energy. This is a great time for those of you in social media, art , advertising or sells today.   


I feel at this time, relationships can get complicated, and people seem to present a different option which confuses things, or make things feel a bit complicated. I feel at this time, some one in your life may present you with a new life path to flow. Or a new direction to go too, and this may seem overwhelming or you may not be so sure about. At this time for some of you others inspire you today to do something different. 


I feel at this time you can't or fee like you can't talk to some people or a particular person with out offending them. I can give you all the advise but at the end of the day. I see you placating to this person's feelings and doing what they want and you being upset. What I would suggest do what makes you happy and learn to say no because you have to live with you and deal with your own emotional self. Why ruin your peace for someone elses peace? YOU CANT PLEASE EVERYBODY   


Careful with your body language today, because you seem some what unapproachable with this energy, For some of you, you might like the energy a bit more because this energy is all about you, and all eyes are on you at work. You could be receiving the attention that you want at this time. I feel for some of you, you could be in a very good head space today. You are optimistic with this energy, and you can be very social 


Chiron is forming a beautiful water trine today, so this can be a fabulous day today or this energy can ride you like a bronco on a Tuesday, like a RHINESTONE COWBOY.  You are very intuitive maybe to intuitive and can feel everyone energy so step out of that space and take a break and comeback to the space. Sometimes when you do this you can notice and change in energy. Which can help you separate between your emotions and the feelings of others. For others of you , you are very determine at work and get things done today 

The focus is more towards your money situation today. It's not in the best aspected today careful with your money and your possessions today. Someone can be taking advantage. At this time there could be some blurred lines because you aren't creating or putting boundaries with some one in your life. At this time for others this could be a confusing time with relationships, or with your money. Don't make any decisions at this time, or seek a second opinion 


Opportunities to make changes present themselves. I feel at this time you have some major decisions that you want to make but this could be more up in the air at this time. There could be problems or the focus can be more on your relationships with women. They could be a bit more pushy with this energy, or try to drag you into their problems today, when you really don't want to be involve. At this time make it known , create your boundaries, but use some couth when you do it 


The focus is on your money situation today. There could be money worries happening with this energy. Or your mind is on the money and the money on the mind today.You have a beautiful water trine today, remember your money situation is dictated by your emotional self, so keep it positive today. You could have the difficult decision of making up your mind today. As others try to put you on the spot, or opportunities to change come up and someone needs a yes or no like now, For some of you certain situations seem to be happening to fast for you. 


Watch your emotional self with this energy. Because your pride is going to get in the way, and you may feel like others are disrespecting . At this time there could be some drama but it's okay  try to look at the situation from a different perspective. And start seeing the cup as half way full instead of empty. Also love opportunities present themselves and so do second chances  


   Even though you are being cautious at this time, you have opportunities to meet new people in your life. Or even try new things at this time. With this energy, you are not about other people's drama. And it may catch others off guard today when you throw their situation in their face. So try to have some couth today, and I know you don't have patience to have kid gloves with others but do try