Wednesday, October 19, 2016



At this time with the moon in Gemini. Past hurts are going to come up, hurts that you haven't gotten over. At this time acknowledge the reason for the emotions you are feeling, because it has something to do with your past situations. By acknowledging where the emotion is coming from your breaking that reactive self. Because you are trying to identify the true feel , or the real reason


Problems with love relationship are coming up today. It's best to not argue and to keep silent at this time.  With this energy, your focus is more towards family and family responsibility. Your nurturing side comes out more with this energy. Just becareful with your giving nature because others take advantage of that opportunity.


Still not the best energy with T-square 17,10. Giving difficulty with the women in your life and also with those in authority. Relationships can change a this time, or thoughts of making changes are coming up. With this energy, you need to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. Also becareful with promises that you make because you can be taking on a bigger project than you could have imagine


The focus is towards the home, either dealing with the physical  home and taking care of it , and making repairs on it, or dealing with property matters, child custody battles, or dealing with family or personal life seems to be the focus. You maybe called upon to help out others in need, or you maybe hearing some news today that can be a major game changer in your life.  


This can be a fun energy time for you with the socializing. You are more concerned about whats going in their life than yours. Some one you know maybe having some major drama happening to them at this time.Truth is revealed at this time through gossip.


You are the nurture in your relationships and you are very generous when it comes to friends and close family members.This is a fun energy time for you, you are more about your social life than your work life today. You could be a bit more playful at work, or even a bit more creative with your work


With this energy you attract allot of energy to yourself because of the amount of knowledge and what you know. I feel at this time, you can feel like you are being thrown into the spotlight when really you want to work more behind the scenes with this energy.


Your 8th house is still highlighted today, you have some time to think and with that comes emotional growth or a time to be reflective. With this energy, you are in better control of your feelings. For some of you good news is coming your way today. For others of you plans seem or strategies seem to be working. For some of you , this energy bring emotional changes


  Careful with your emotional self because this could be the straw that broke the camel back. At this time you aren't scared to say whats on your mind and emotional outburst can happen. Anything creative you do for today, like draw, redecorate or delve in your hobbies seems to break up the energy today.

You need to tell people what you really want instead of going around about what you want. Because others are going to be assuming that you are okay with it, or your going to get something else, so speak today. Whats the worst they can tell you "NO"


You have beautiful water trine in your 2,6,10. So you know how your day can go today. It either going to be a fabulous week or this week will ride like a pony on a Tuesday, like a Rhinestone Cowboy, getty up getty up.  So be the deliberate creator in your life, and remember your emotional self dictates your money situation


With this energy, you need to be careful with your reactive self. Because for some of you , come off needy with this energy so careful with new love relationships. For others of you, you are too comfortable with your friendship so you say exactly whats on your mind which can cause problems with your friendships. Also with this energy you tend to exaggerate your stories, careful others might call you out.