Friday, September 30, 2016




This is an excellent time to deepen your faith in yourself and the world around you since things tend to work in your favor. It is easier to be positive when you have the advantage, but you can gain and retain an advantage by being positive. Even if your life is under siege, this cycle likely brings some relief and can offer a broader perspective for any issue, allowing you to move forward despite conditions to the contrary.


I feel with this energy, secrets can be kept from you at this time, or someone is not telling you the whole truth or keeping you out of the loop.Or for some of you, you may have to let everyone know what you are doing because there be miscommunication at this time, because not everyone is keeping everybody in the loop, so make sure that person isn't you keep everyone in the loop with this energy. For some of you, your allowing your intuition guide you and you know something is up, trust your intuition at this time . Its kind of hard to pull the wool over your eyes with this energy 


I feel with this energy, you need to delve more into faith because you might be feeling a sense of lack or frustration with money problems at this time. This temporary problem may have a lot to do with what you want to do at this time. You benefit more when you delve into your faith or metaphysics with this energy.Changes in relationships can happen at this time because you cant see eye to eye with situations. 


 The focus is more towards property matters, move or not getting along with the women in your life at this time. You might be more quiet and in your feelings with this energy, you can be very withdrawn and not wanting to talk to others about how you are feeling at this time which can cause depression. . I feel you need to work on being open and honest about what you are going through emotionally. But sometimes this can cause others to be worried or concerned with you.  


Beautiful energy thoughts become things with this energy, so careful with your thoughts with jupiter conjunct with the moon. With this energy, you need to be careful with the art of over doing, you are in good spirits with this energy. But you tend to be over the top with this energy. Also with this energy, try not to allow petty things with control get to you. You might be doing one thing and saying another and people calling you out because of it . 


For some of you, you can be very sentimental of the past. You might be thinking about getting rid of old things from your past but this might be more of thought. For others thoughts of communicating the ex, or people from your past. Or you might be talking about the past a bit more with this energy. With this energy, you may be more about your comforts at this time, and relaxing or even making plans to travel to some where comfortable. Somewhere that reminds you  of home, or visiting family with this energy.   


Watch your emotional self you might be like Dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde with this energy. This can be an awesome time for manifesting the things you want or prayer. Or this can be an emotional sensitive time for you. You have the part of fortune with your first so it amplifies the planets in that first house. So use this opportunity to be more at peace with your situations .Especially those that you can 't control and work on the law of attraction.     


This is a great time to get your law of attraction on your: juju, hoodoo, voodoo  , santeria, and paganism with this energy. Overly sensitive so watch your emotional self, and work on staying grounded .You live an emotional life, so you see things through your emotions. Which can cause depression or other kinds of mental illness.Your way of thinking about certain situation is going to have to change. Because it more of an obsession try to stay out of your head during this time.  If something  or someone is meant for you , than they will come into your life. At the appropriate time patience is needed 


At this time the yellow light is on with new situations or new people coming into your life . For some you , you can be cautious with the new relationships as well. I feel others may introduce to new people or through a group of  people a new love interest may appear. You aren't up for anything new at this time , its more up in the air than anything. And playing around with ideas, especially listening to others but playing with ideas at this. That your internal yellow traffic telling you to keep where you are now and research and get to know the new people right now. Your aren't diving into anything at this time. 


with the part of fortune conjunct with mars , watch your emotional self today, you can be supersensitive and super react, HULK MAD!!I feel for some of you thoughts of going back to school are coming up with this energy. Or thoughts of taking on a creating endeavor are coming up during this time. Opportunities to make new friends are coming up and these people coming into your life may have the same interest as you. 


As above so below with this energy, great energy to tap into some metaphysics , watch your emotional self you are super sensitive with this energy. For others of you thoughts of travelling or travelling is coming, so this is going to be a fun time travelling for some of you. I feel with this energy, you can not let certain issues or things go with this energy, Careful you might get obsessive with this energy. 


Trust your intuition with this energy, and pay attention to your dreams. I feel with this energy for some of you, you are delving more into your spirituality with this energy. And for others truth maybe revealed or you may speak more about your truth . I feel at this time, you might be feeling stuck either with your love relationship or with your career at this time. Try not to blame the other person because you are in your feelings at this time.