Tuesday, September 6, 2016



You have a beautiful fire trine energy with your 2,6,10 , so expect the unexpect today in regards to money or career.  Watch your emotional self today, I feel it's a respect thing and your not going to get that respect you want. Don't allow some one to affect you.Sometimes we need to learn to be humble. That comes through our experiences we have with others. Especially when others take our thunder.


You have an easier time expressing your thoughts and feelings with out hurting other people's feelings. You are able to help others change their mind or change their perspective on certain situations. This is a great time for writers, or bloggers, you may inspire others or be trendy with this energy.You are able to cut through the BULL and get straight to the point quick


You are very social with this energy. This is a fun energy to enjoy get togethers with friends and family. I also feel for some of you , this is a popular energy time for you at work. You might be getting along with certain people , you didn't think like you. Also a great time to win people over #teamCapricorn


Watch your thoughts today. The part of fortune is conjunct with Uranus, so you can be very impulsive. Even possible a psychic sponge in regards to how other people our feeling. And carrying there energy with you through out the day. I feel you are very creative as well if not original. You are great at thinking outside the box, and problem solving


With this energy you are very creative with your writing, money or with your business. Follow and trust your intuition as it is guiding you towards any idea. You have some angels helping you, or looking out for your best interest today. Some good news is coming your way and opportunities to grow is happening with this energy


At this time you are trusting yourself and following your gut with this energy. Possible truth being revealed today or you finding some useful information to help your cause. I feel at this time , there can be situations in your life that get resolved. For some of you getting that apology that you've been wanting. Possible resolution with others can happen today . This energy also brings awareness to your actions to others, and why you react the way you do sometimes.


You do have a Yod with this energy. Work on bending and compromising with others. You might feel like others are being more in their self interest instead of your own. So if your feeling like that ask them. Make sure you to tell them how you feel so they can have a better understanding where you are coming from.,be honest about your feelings.


Mars and Saturn are still in a bad aspect so your relationships with those in authority or with men can be trying. Try to be adaptable to the situation. I feel at this time , for some of you the focus is on your health and well being. For some of you, you may try breaking certain bad habits with this energy. Or health issues can be more of a concern today


I feel with this energy you can over come certain challenges that you are dealing with . This energy also brings you an opportunity to speak your mind. Especially when it comes to certain things in your life that have been bothering. This is an opportunity to clear the air with certain relationships.


You are very flexible with your schedule especially when things come up suddenly that need your attention. Also with this energy look before jumping because you tend to be a bit spontaneous and not put thought or research into what you are getting yourself into. It seemed like a good idea in your head; out loud is another story .  OOPS , that wasn't the reaction I was looking for .


You need to be careful  with your emotional decisions because this can be in response to feeling stuck, or even feeling your not getting your fair shake. The decisions you decide to make I feel can create more problems for you. Try to be adaptable to the situation or others . Get a second opinion , or if not a third to make sure you are moving in the right direction


I feel with this energy as above so below thoughts can become things with this energy. You may find that when you say something that you want it appears. I feel also with this energy , you work smarter not harder. I feel that through your conversations with others you learn something new today