Tuesday, September 20, 2016


1 more day till Mercury goes direct and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARE BEARS AKA LIBRA 


Moon in Gemini bringing about change.  I feel with this energy, the message is act on clear thinking and logic before making any decisions based on emotions. You need to slow the  train down because others are not yet on board. You do better with this energy when you are being flexible with others or with the situation.


Change is happening today. There is change coming with your money situation. For some of you this can be surprise debts that you didn't know about. Or fighting in a custody battle with this energy, or battling over money. I feel for some of you change is happening, and you might be fighting it. Especially when it comes to relationships , at this time try to think bigger picture


Not the best energy day for you watch your emotional self with the moon in your first house. This is change and the changes going on around you so try to go more with the flow. You do have the part of fortune conjunct with the sun at 30 degrees. So it looks like it's on the cusp but it's not . I feel the focus is going to be around family and the home. Not getting along with certain people in your life especially family can happen


You are still stuck in your way of thinking and doing things that maybe causing some problems with your relationships. Change is happening so watch your emotional self. You can be accident prone at this time. Don't expect anything to go right today. Also this energy can cause a bit depression so try to stay out of your head with this energy


You have an opportunity today to go and help others.Doing this will bring you more good than the one receiving the help something to think about today. With this energy you are reaching out and talking to others a bit more than usual. Also with this energy you may learn from others and gain wisdom and good advice. Also with this energy a great energy for those of you in media and social media.


Watch your emotional self today because you are not happy at were you are at right now. So you are thinking of allot of ideas on how to change that, and even thoughts of quitting, for some of you. I feel also with this energy you may feel the weight of some of your responsibilities at this time. Take care of things that you can control first


You might have problems with others because you can't seem to well enough alone.Either the people in your life aren't giving you the answer that you want to hear. Or you are smothering them or being on top of them for things that they are doing or not doing. At this time give others their space . Your mind is fixated on people or things today. Try to stay in the present and don't focus on what others are doing


You have a beautiful fire trine today. Watch your emotional self in regards to love relationships or past love relationships because you are either being obsessive in your way of thinking or your being possessive with your relationships. For some of you expect delays and frustrations with the things you want , it's just a process. I feel that others people in your life may have you look at what you are not doing  or what you should be doing , do try to listen.  


I feel with this energy you might be getting bored with certain relationships or you might feel stuck in certain relationships like work. You might be receiving the cold hard facts about a situations . Or truth is going to be revealed to you. I feel for others of you receiving good news today.


Watch your emotional self today , you might be forgetful or accident prone. You can be more of a worry wort . Try to stay grounded because the stories your creating are helping you. As above so below so try to create a different story and let go of your worries. If you can't control it or there is nothing you can do about it. You know it's there , you'll get to it when you get to it


Change is happening today for you , for better or worst . I feel with this energy it brings about endings for some of you with certain chapters in your life. For others , you need to face certain responsibilities or close up loose ends in order to move forward. I also feel that there can be some difficulties with money. It's best to listen to the advise that is coming your way . Instead of thinking you got it figured out


Change is happening for you .For some of you leave work at work and home at home . Either pessimistic or emotional people can cause you to be reactive . I also feel that you may take what other people say to heart. Also be more self aware what you are doing or take your time making decisions before jumping into commitments. Later on you'll find or feel that the other person was taking advantage of you.