Wednesday, September 21, 2016




Moon still forming a mutable square. There can be a crisis situation around. Slow the train down and acknowledge other people's feelings and acknowledge where they are coming from. Also with this energy cock those brains before you shoot that mouth.  


Powerful energy time for you guys. You have a mystical rectangle and an earth trine today. With this energy you can if you want too, create a peaceful environment with this energy. I feel also there is an opportunity to reach out and help others. Remember when you are helping others , you benefit from this energy of giving as well. Also if you want to tap into some law of attraction energy, or anything with spirituality today would be a good day for you to do that


You have some beautiful energy today, you have a mystical rectangle and you have a beautiful air trine.This is a beautiful energy time , to learn something new, upgrade yourself with career. For others of you a great time for you voice to be heard on social media. I feel with this energy you benefit through others today. People in your life are more willing to help you, if you ask


You need to work on being flexible with others and compromising. Not the easiest energy here today because you may be stuck in your way of thinking.  I feel at this time with chiron in your ninth house. It's hard to make you happy at this time because your never feel really satisfied or fulfilled.  Watch your emotional self today , you might be changing your values with certain things that you use to want. Or you might feel like giving up. the energy is  changing today so try to get out of your emotional tar.


You are still going through it with the moon in Gemini today.  Again still need to face your responsibilities and take care of business before moving forward.I feel with this energy truth maybe revealed or you may receive more insight into someone else's situation.  I feel with this energy you might want to be more to yourself, or you might get invited out but reach the offer. I feel with this energy the lesson here is to learn to see things all the way through


You still have this trine happening today with your Ascendant, it does want to be a fire trine. You still have that mutable square going with the moon in Gemini. I feel this is a time where things start turning around for you , for the better.What you start now can usher in a new direction that can carry you for a long time. To the extent that you have wanted to do something different, this often provides the motivation to break out. If you ordinarily prefer following the crowd, you may experience an urge to go forcibly against the prevailing trend even if it is in a small way.   


Your still dealing with that mutable square from yesterday,careful with your health with this energy. Also you have mutable square that you can tap into if you want today. Avoid over working today because this can cause problems with the back and feet. The moon is conjunct with the part of fortune in the ninth house. So this energy can bring about restlessness and you can be obsessive with situations or people today


I feel with this energy you might be hiding things from others, and this can be a time of covering your tracks . At this time you might be also uncovering secrets with this energy , or truth can be revealed during this time.    You need to be cautious when entering negotiations or contracts, as one of you is likely to exaggerate the true value of the project. You may need to sift through all the information with more critical judgment in order to make a good decision.


Change is happening today and this can be with relationships or career. So careful how you speak to others.  Because everything is cause and effect, you guys can get pretty opinionated with things. At this time, not the best energy for decisions, negotiations or contracts so if you can wait till another day more like Friday the energy should be better


Watch your emotional self today as well as your health with this energy.North node is conjunct part of fortune in the ninth . This would be a good time to be open minded and go with the flow today. Try to bend Cappies , I know you can do it . Also with this energy a beautiful time for the law of attraction and the power prayer. I feel also with this energy , you might have a better handle over a situation in your life, or a better perspective about it.  


I feel with this energy this brings opportunities if you want to meet new people. Also if you want despite the energy brings about new love opportunities  too. Opportunities can present themselves with you but if you don't grasp these opportunities they may not come to fruition. This is potential energy that you can tap into to make changes if you choose. They do present themselves today


You do well or benefit through others with this energy. Either this help through others, or your relationship partner getting you out of tight spots. But in order to tap into this enregy today , you have to ask for help. You have to initiate the change today. Also with this energy, if you want to go out and do something . You may have to be the one that initiates the outing. Ask and you shall receive today