Monday, September 19, 2016



Moon in Taurus still has that beautiful earth trine going on. I feel with this energy you can expect the unexpected from others. I feel people may surprise you today. Also becareful with your help, because others maybe putting you through crisis mode. When it really isn't that big of a deal .


You still have a beautiful earth trine. For some of you a great day to feel fulfilled as certain parts of your life seem to come to order or start making sense in your life. You are still prone to mood swings. Because you are focus on making progress, and running a tight ship. Anything that get thrown at you today may cause you to feel frazzle


You still have that beautiful earth trine today. You may discover how influential you are to others. Or how other people wouldn't be able to get along with out. I feel with this energy you bring help to others, and you help them make sense of their situation. This is also a good time , to focus your optimism on a specific projects. Good news comes your way.  


Brings some powerful turn of events coming up for you in your favor. Promises are being made to you at this time. So try to make sure you get that in writing because we are still under the influence of mercury retrograde. Also with this energy thoughts can become things with this beautiful energy


You can be very sentimental with this energy, and even a bit playful today. You are very creative and even good at problem solving . For some of you , you can be privilege to some information that maybe a game changer in your career, for the better. For others this can be learning something new or on the job training


This would be a beautiful time to tap into the law of attraction or spirituality.You may spend more time nurturing your relationships. I feel this is a great energy to promote yourself, job interviews, or a great time to get your point across to others .


powerful earth trine with moon conjunct with part of fortune in the 8th house. This can be a good time for money, especially in regards to business. Money matters get taken care of . Emotional changes can happen with this energy better clarity on a situation. Also a great time for research or learning


For some of you making plans to travel with this energy for a weekend getaway. I feel with this energy positive talks are happening working towards the right direction. Just make sure you can get this in writing or in a text some how. Also with this energy , you are there for others and support them through their endeavors


This is a great energy to get yourself organized. Whether that be cleaning your house or organizing yourself at work. I feel this is a great time to get yourself back on track with your goals. You feel more motivate to make changes in your life for the better. If your mercury is afflicted this can cause anxiety, so check your natal chart


 You have better perspective today into your situation.  This is a great energy for those of you in social media. For some of you this energy is about teaching others or mentoring others. For some of you finding different avenues to make more money. Or being very creative with a money making project. You allot of creative ideas at this time don't forget to write them down  


This would be a good energy to tap into spirituality or the law of attraction, as above so below. I feel also that you gain with this energy when you are about others, but also with this energy be about your needs too. You'll find fulfillment, or even problems being resolved when you are about other people today.


This is a great time for business partnerships, collaborations or social media or media. This can be a very popular time for you. You find that others want to spend time with you or may want to talk to you more today. With this energy you give great advice and practical solutions with this energy