Tuesday, September 13, 2016



For some of you , a new idea or a new direction may open up for you with this energy. You tend to be there for the underdog in your life. And may help that person out a bit more than usual. Also today you appreciate anything unusual or different out of your day. Or even may see something unique today and really have a great appreciation for it


You might be more playful or in better spirits with this energy. You might be very eccentric with your behavior , or impulse buying or going out and socializing with others can happen. Also your way of thinking maybe a bit unconventional or even political today. Don't expect others to be on board with your way of thinking or beliefs.


You don't like to be boss around or told what to do today. Any obstacles or even "NO" that comes your way. You tend to look for another door or another way around it , even if it's not on the up and up. Saturn is in the sign of Sagittarius. So try to be on the moral side when it comes to getting what you want.


Money issues or problems at this time may make you feel dishearten because of plans or ideas you want to do. At this time work on taking care of your money situation or issues with your past in regards to the legal system. Don't let the red tape scare you. It's mercury retrograde, and the moon in Aquarius in 8th house. Telling you , you got to close this door in order to move forward


You need to learn to talk out your feelings, because if you keep in today. You'll find the emotional fight you are having inside is going to come out in other ways. You can talk to your friends or family and just dump, and you may even find a solution while your emotionally dumping. But don't keep it in today


Stress at this time can cause problems with the digestive system. Try to be less about your needs today and try to be about others. You'll find when you help others or become more about others, your problems seem to not bother or resolve themselves. I feel also with this energy this is a time for you to bring order into chaos, and trying to make sense of it all


I feel with this energy for some of you , you know what you want but at the sametime people in your life are pulling you in different directions or telling you what to do.  For others of you, this can be   you saying and doing one thing but really doing another, which has people asking you which is it ?


Expect the unexpected today. I feel at this time blockages that over come or accomplished can lead to breakthroughs today.I feel also with this energy , you may get a good head start with a business endeavor , goal or something you want to do or change. But you have to be consistent with this energy and start to see things all the way through


I feel with this energy, you might be receiving information or knowledge at this time that can bring about positive changes to your personal or help you grow with your career. Despite mercury retrograde energy, this is a time of moving forward in general. For some of you getting along better with family members.


This is a great time for career or business with this energy. You benefit through other people today in regards to career. Also with this energy you might be more selective with the company you keep. Or you might be trying to impress the right people with this energy. You are also have your head else where today. You might be focusing more on play today than on work


For some of you, you are seeing a direction opening up to you. For others of you new opportunities can present themselves to you today. Also at this time you might be guided by your intuition with this energy or you might be holding this thought more as an idea. I feel also you can be very creative today.So let those creative juices flow


You might feel limited or stuck by what you can or can not do with this energy. Try not to take this out on other people, and try to talk out more of your concerns. So you can get a better understanding on how your feeling. This is a great time for those of you looking for a job . Or for those of you with business or career is moving forward today.