Thursday, September 1, 2016



With this energy just keep it real with others.People maybe feeling like you take them for granted so there can be miscommunication because they are being passive towards you rather than telling you how they really. Careful with signing contracts with this energy, read everything and ask question .


Slow your way of thinking especially when it comes to arguing. Because this can bring about some nervous disorder with this energy. This is a great energy for problem solving, you take on difficult situations with a unique approach. Your good at crisis situations that come your way


I feel with this energy , you are doing your own thing with this energy. You might be a bit rebellious at work. I call it taking the initiative when it comes to certain things you don't want to do because it's boring. I feel with this energy you might be helping out others with this energy. Collaborations or partnering with someone at work can happen with this energy.  Or you might be bouncing around ideas with other people


Watch your emotional self as above so below with this energy. Great energy for your personality getting you what you want. Or it might be very infectious making everyone happy and love being around you.  A great time for job interviews. I feel with this energy you are adaptable to what ever gets thrown in your way


 You usually overestimate a problem, ignore others' advice and overreact emotionally when pressured. Try to relax more and go with the flow at this time. If you can do nothing about a problem, than don't worry about it. It's there and when you can take care of it you will


Power struggles are coming up with this energy. You are kind of doing your own thing at this time, and this can cause problems as well. Because your not telling anyone what you are doing . So others feel like your undermining their authority or even being a bit passive aggressive. So try to communicate your thought process with others. Some times people need to feel included


Thoughts can still become things with this energy , so keep it positive . Try to stay grounded today by staying in the present. I feel with this energy you need to be adaptable to situations or other people's situations so you aren't butting heads with certain people at this time


You need to watch your emotional self today. Because you are only happiest when you are doing what you love. I feel with this energy for some of you business maybe slow today with this energy. You are a force to be reckon with , so careful how you treat others. I do see you butting heads with those in authority


This is a popular energy time for you. You might be hanging around younger people with this energy or with your children today. I feel you are able to get along better with certain people in your life. Your communications skills are strong today , so you have a good chance of getting what you want from that person


Pluto is conjunct with the part of fortune,you are feeling your own power with this energy. You might be guided or led by your intuition today. You might feel the need to make certain changes in your life.Or try new projects to help your business grow with this energy


Good news coming your way today. Also with this energy you might be more interested with the law of attraction or the occult with this energy. You have pressing questions and looking for answer with this energy.Careful not to stay to much in your head with this energy.  


This is a great energy to mingle if your single. This can be a very busy time for you with your career. Also making plans for the weekend with this energy. You are focusing on family with this energy. As well as yourself, working self improvement techniques at this time.