Sunday, September 25, 2016



Thoughts of change or moving are coming up. For some of you this is moving to a different country or state. I feel with this energy, someone may try to steal your thunder this week, or try to take credit for your work this week. This week you have some insider knowledge into a situation going on work. For others of you , you may receive advice or knowledge that you take and run with and make it your own. I do see for some of you, being interviewed about your business or talent . For others of you this energy brings about some life changes but in a good way . Trust your intuition and follow your hunches because its leading you to chance opportunities.


Relationships are fragile this week in general. Major decisions are up in the air at this time. You might be spiteful at this time.The knowledge you are taking in these days is possibly the most transformative of your lifetime.For some of you thoughts of breaking up or quitting your job is showing up. If you do decide to leave your job now would be the time to do it. I feel also for others of you this is a great week for you in general. Better spirits money getting better in business. for others of you the ex is coming back into the picture, but you are still dealing with your issues with that person. At this time work on getting your closure so you can begin to heal , and figure out what you want from this person


Major decisions are coming up for some of you that can lead to positive changes in your life. Certain energies that you 've been dealing with for a while , you are still going to have to carry them this week. I see some major goals coming up and this will lead to allot of positive changes. I feel the way you want to see your reality is going to come to fruition this week. Endings and new beginnings are coming up. Try to stay in your lane and watch what you are doing this week instead of focusing on everybody's else's good because it will lead to jealousy and resentment. I feel with this energy , the things or goals you been wanting to happen are finally becoming more of a realization for you


I feel at this time , major decisions are coming up in regards to move from a different state. Or you can be playing with this idea at this time. When you apply yourself , you do get what you want this week. You do have an opportunity to go in a different direction and start over, if you choose. I feel at this time this is more of an idea because you are not happy were you are currently at . Or you may feel like something has to change but at this time you are thinking it through before pursuing this idea. I feel with this energy , your work and your talents come through to help you when you least expected. I feel also with this energy this is a great time to see things start to move in your life or go your way


A dominating person in your life is best dealt by being passive towards them.I feel things you want to come to fruition tend to work out for you in a spectacular fashion this week.  At this time I see an emotional rebirth in regards to a situation. This can be with your love life getting better or this can be situations moving in your favor. Putting you in better spirits. For some of you , major decisions are up in the air this week. This can be in regards with children, like child custody, or maybe asking your adult children to start thinking about themselves and getting a job. Also with this energy, you are missing out on allot of fun by allowing your fears and worries to keep you where you are. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and you shouldn't allow one or situation make you feel intimidate. So get out and show them you are fearless and want to have fun


At this time , you are trying to stay on the saner side of life. You are focusing more on your relationships especially those that you have loyalty too. I do see something that you've been wanting for a long time or something that you thought was never going to happen .May actually happen this week. Watch your emotional self this week because you are still a bit immature when it comes to love situation. Or you can be over reacting when it comes to what other people are doing. I feel with this energy you need to trust your intuition and let it guide you.  You are likely to alienate yourself because of passive aggressive behavior. I also see a smooth transition this can be with career or this can be with your personal life .


With this energy , I see love opportunities becoming available to you. With this energy you have so much good happening to you this week .Careful with to much partying because it will lead to a big hangover. Also with this energy, getting what you want sometimes me alienating yourself from certain people.Expect to either be alone soon if you are in a relationship, or to be getting together with someone new if you are single and have no prospects. Trust your intuition at this time, it may bring about a turn of events. For some of you , you may slow down this change or try to control the change as much as possible.


 The tough time you are having with your creative project and also indicates that the reason it is so tough is that you are on the verge of creating a masterpiece. Expect there to be deep emotional attachment to the struggle you have gone thru, are in now or will be seeing arise in the future.Through the help of others , they help you out and they make you look good. You benefit through others or through team work.  Your ego front and center and challenges you to see where you might be wrong about your responsibility in a sticky situation.Someone else is paying the bills and you are taking full advantage of having a second childhood with few foreseeable consequences.


At this time for some of you career changes are happening or even break up. Changes that you implement at work may even seem like a divorce with this energy. I feel with this energy, second chance are coming up this week this can be with love relationship. I feel also for some of you , opportunities with careers that you applied. I feel you may be getting a call back from a job you applied for a long time ago. Also with this energy , a dominating person in your may make you long for change or long for loneliness.   Your intellectual or artistic development or other experiments may actually be transformed this week


I feel with this energy, major decisions are coming up in regards to love. I feel this person in your life is immature in their way of thinking. I feel that you are questioning the relationship.  Under the same tone , I see you working on your relationship and trying to save it. I feel for others of you, you are giving up your dreams and wants to help someone else to grow. Or you might be relying on someone else to come through for you this week. I do see love opportunities becoming available to you but you might be thinking about. Also this can be with you thinking about leaving your job, or dropping your lawyer, or dropping an employee or someone who is helping you.


This is a great energy time for bloggers and those of  you on social media. I feel others help you grow with this energy. Do more this week to protect your person or intellectual property this week when it comes to other people. You do have some one who's trying to pull the wool over your eyes. I see some major decisions coming up and this can be with creative ideas. You don't need the degree or the back ground to start a business or start vlogging. If you feel like your good enough than do it , believe in yourself and your value. I do see plans and things you want going your way . The cards are showing you are the master of your own destiny. Your social structure works in your favor


I see you avoiding confrontation at this time. I do see others being mad at you for things you've said about them. I also see you trying to be on a saner path this week.You will selflessly work to help others reach their goals. The only problem might be that such a zest to help others leaves you not helping yourself despite an abundance of talent and connections.This can be a beautiful energy time for you. Where things work out in your favor. This is a great week for business and career growth . I feel also with this energy, beware of money opportunities being presented to you because they are more than likely lessons. Also the lesson this week , is to take initiative and do it yourself