Tuesday, September 27, 2016


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Moon in the sign of Virgo , watch your emotional self today with this energy. I feel there are misunderstandings happening, and  you might be jumping the gun and trying to read what other people are up too. Don't allow your insecurities and hang ups to get the best of you. Assume others are looking out for your best interest.


Emotionally you might be in better spirits. I feel you are more organized and you may want everything in a particular way and spot. Just don't freak when other misplace or don't agree with your way of doing things. I feel also with this energy, you are more willing to initiate some changes in your life.


Be Aware of your emotional self today, optimism actually helps you out of problems.There can be problems with pets today. I feel with  energy try to keep everything honest and upfront with others. Because truth can be revealed at this time. Or you might be finding out more information about someone else and their truth is revealed. Scandal darling is happening today just don't be part of it, not your karma so don't interfere


 Moon in Virgo today,  you are being stubborn with certain changes or certain ways of doing things. Try to see big picture and try to bend with this energy. Because others are seeing you to be rather difficult. Not the best day to make decisions because you are allowing ego to get the best of you. You can be your own worst enemy, and ruin a good things . For some of you , you have to admit to your fault in a situation in order for you to move on from .  Own your part


Power struggles can happen with friends or children. This can be you ask them to do something or a favor and tham not listening to you. Or you having to rely more on yourself with this energy, and make things happen for yourself. I feel with this energy, you have an opportunity to find ways to save money. Or you might be changing career directions. You have some great ideas at this time, but these can be more of a thought than something you initiate right now.


Moon in Virgo is forming a beautiful earth trine today. I feel with this energy, you want to take care of others and nurture your close relationships with this energy. For others of you spending time with your friends and being more of a listening ear at this time. With this energy, you are all about your social life and helping others.


You tend to over analyze and criticize how you feel, especially when it comes to feelings for other people. Trust your intuition today, for some of you, your intuition is guiding. For others of you, your are having a transformative experience. You might be able to see the bigger picture or make better sense of your situation. The traffic light is green today


  I feel with this energy for some of you , you can be questioning your friendships or you might be questioning your journey. Thinking about changing directions or you might be confused about the direction you should take.  I feel with this energy , you might get invited to something random that you aren't going to go too. Because it wasn't planned, so you might not take this so seriously. Or the friend who is inviting might be more of  acquaintance


Careful with this energy today. Your truth maybe revealed with this energy. This is a great energy time for those of you with businesses. Careful with intense confrontations going on with the parents or with the family. Allot of truth might be revealed to you


Watch your emotional self with this energy. For some of you at this time, you might be sitting in your feelings so try to break that energy by going outside. For others of you be protective of your property and with your things. I feel also with this energy, you might learn something new or you might have a positive game changer when it comes to your business or career    


You have this beautiful earth trine with Ceres a secondary planet. For some of you this is a great time for business, and career. You have the fire under your butt focusing more on your money sector with this energy. You are determine and ambitious to push through obstacles and to work hard on your dreams and goals .


 You might be butting heads with those who are older than you, or not listening to them at this time. Power Struggles and changes with relationships can happen today. I feel this energy today is teaching how to better protect yourself and teaching how to handle situations better especially when dealing with others. It's best to deal with others in a passive nature . As others might be challenging you today