Monday, September 26, 2016



Moon in Leo is forming a beautiful trine today; Mars is at 0 degrees in the sign of Capricorn.  You are very ambitious with this energy. You might be starting new projects with this energy. Also with this energy , brings about new experiences today, or fun outings to do with friends. Keep your schedule clear


You have a beautiful earth trine going today. I feel second chances are coming up , people you fought with during mercury retrograde are reaching out to you. But in order to move forward you have to learn to let go.  You need to becareful with doing to much for others especially close friends. Because you are putting some of your relationships on a pedestal and you might regret doing this . Careful with your giving and helping


 You seem somewhat unapproachable, or appear not to need anyone. You may believe it yourself, but you do wish for the comfort of a  safe zone. You may often find yourself having to choose between love and pursuit of your artistic expression. Or your values could be changing at this time. This is always a difficult choice.


You need to be more logical with your relationships. Because you tend to assume that they will have your back , or jump when you call them. Today may not be the case. With this energy , you might be planning get togethers with family or close friends


With this energy you might have to rely on yourself today, because others are not going to be there for you. Have a plan A or a plan B. I feel with this energy , you benefit through someone who is older than you. They may have advice to share with you , or they may help your grow with your career


With this energy you need to speak up especially in regards to things that you want. Don't just assume that others will speak for you, say something. Because you may regret it latter. Also with this energy, you are very fixed in your way of thinking with the north node conjunct mercury. Try to break the energy  by bending and compromising


This is a beautiful energy for networking or connecting with influential people or people in power . Or just people that can make things happen in your life or helpers. I feel for some of you, you may call others to help you or ask for favors. You can be very determine to get what you want today 


I feel this is a great time for career. I feel with this energy you can turn a corner with work, or even  start turning a corner with your emotional self. As the  energy is becoming better giving you an opportunity to change. Second chances with certain situations or relationships are coming up but at this time you have to learn to forgive the past


I feel with this energy, if there is some injustice going on in your life. There is a good chance that long rant on social media is coming from a Sagittarius . I see some of you benefit from learning something new today. Or your mind might be in a better mind set to study something new


This energy favors a turn of events that bring about more emotional stability coming into your life. This can be with negotiations, court or with closing certain chapters in your life. For others of you this energy brings about a different perspective. You are able to make sense of certain things in your life. Or see things differently today 


 You have a trine today with moon in Leo. With this energy, you support others to help them to grow. For some of you the focus is more towards your children, and helping them through their emotional growth . For others of you , your determine and confident today with your goals


Your passions and desires at this time will be ignited . Giving you the fire under your butt to take action with what you want. Get ready to get results with a huge impact for better worst with this energy. More than likely for the better with a trine with the moon in Leo. Positive changes are happening today