Thursday, September 15, 2016

16th Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces by Marie Moore



I feel with this energy things may come to ahead with other people but at the same time you are able to work towards a resolution or a compromise. Or they may have a moment where they can see what you are talking about. You are extremely empathetic towards other people and are more willing to go out of your way. Just make sure you are helping because you don't want nothing in return


Careful with this energy , because you may want it to be all about you. I feel you can be possessive with your relationships, so try to let go of that energy. Be happy for other people and their good because it just shows you . Things to come into your life, because like attracts like.Also if people don't want to change don't fix them, just listen. This energy benefits research, healers, and the court system


Careful with this energy powerful changes can happen for better or worst with this energy. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger with this energy especially in regards to your relationships with others. I feel also for some of you , you can be feeling stuck but try to look at this feel from an objectional stand point. What are you really feeling, what is the true feeling besides stuck, and besides restrictive . Your values can be changing at this time. What was once meaningful or important seems to no longer be important anymore


This is a beautiful energy time to get your juju on , your voodoo, hoodoo and your Santeria on , but you need to watch your emotional self. Because you are not liking where you are at in life right now. But that can change , you can either be the change and stop being in your feelings or you can wait for it to come, it's up to you. Enjoy this energy be about faith and motivating yourself . Instead of thinking about what you don't have . Because you always get what you want just not right now


At this time you are being asked to close up certain debts  in order for you to move forward to future. But you may not want to confront the past because it brings up fears and worries. Try to work towards confronting your fears and finally put a close to certain chapters in your life. Also powerstruggles with children can come up. At this time you need to let go of control and allow others to make choices on their own


This is a great energy time for creative pursuits or upgrading yourself on your career. I feel with this energy you can attract the right people into your life to help your grow with this energy. You do have the power of persuasion with this energy. I feel at this time you can 't be incontrol of everything. So try to pick and choose your battles with this energy, and try to be flexible like the mutable sign you are


Powerful Lunar Eclipse because it conjunct with the part of fortune,highlighting your sixth house. Try to avoid over working with this energy because it may cause problems with the feet or lymphatic system. You do have a mutable square happening so change is happening and you maybe very worried in regards to these changes.  It's do to family problems and powerstruggles in regards to family are coming up with this energy.


 The Lunar Eclipse is forming a water with the asteroids and secondary planets. This can either be a happy period of time for you or this energy can ride you like a pony on a Tuesday. Keep it positive with this energy. I feel also with this energy you might be very sensitive at this time, and can be very reactive towards others I feel with this energy , you might feel stuck in certain situations or relationships. You might  feel like others are wanting to much from you. Or they aren't doing what you want them to do. Remember it is mercury retrograde so careful with what you say to others at this time


Change is happening and it can be out of your control, so watch your emotional self. Careful with this energy because you have no patience with others or with your situation and this can cause you to feel restless. I feel with this energy , you can begin to heal some of your relationships, because you are willing to be open about your feelings. For others of you , this energy can reveal some deep seated hurts that you can finally let go of . For others of you getting a better understand of your true desires or values


Watch your emotional self with the 3,10,12; remember everything is cause and affect so be aware of your actions and what you say because you'll regret later. This is a powerful energy time for you with the law of attraction. You do have an air trine with 2,6,10. So thoughts can really become things with this energy. Also you are very creative with this energy, this can help towards money making ideas


  With this energy you are not on the same page with everyone else which will cause problems with your relationships in general. Try not to read into situations with this energy. I feel with this energy you do have a water trine with your 2,6,10. So your emotional self does dictate your money situation. I feel for some of you this is a great time for career. For others of you the focus is about your health and changing your diet regiment .


I feel for some of you , you do have an air trine with your 4,8,12 this definitely a spiritual time for some of you. I feel for some of you , you may have found your calling and going to be more of an example of that calling in your life. For others this energy brings about emotional transformations and an opportunity to let go of certain hurts in your life and some self realizations can happen