Thursday, September 22, 2016




With this energy, you have an opportunity to help out others with this energy. I feel also with this energy you have an opportunity if you choose or want to open to some one about deep hurts. This can be through counseling, or trying to make a deeper connections with other. But the problem is once you open are you going to want to continue counseling, or continue this relationship?


Changes with relationships can happen today , new people coming other people leaving. For some of you opportunities can present themselves today.  Watch your emotional self today because I feel we are still under mercury retrograde fairy dust magic. So there can still be miscommunications going and you may be very impulsive in your decisions.


You have a beautiful water trine with your 2,6,10. Your emotional self dictates your money situation. I feel with this energy you are very giving with this energy. This is a great time for socializing. You may find others inviting you  out, Or you may have a deeper connection with friends. You benefit today through your relationships with others.


As above so below you have a beautiful water trine today so watch your emotional self. This can either be a  fabulous day today, or this energy can ride you like a bronco on a Tuesday. Like a rhinestone cowboy. Things seem to work on for you today. People tend to want to help with this energy


You could be focusing your energy on others also this energy brings about compromising and getting along better with other people. Especially those you don't get along with now apologies are coming along. Also follow your intuition with this energy. Your creative side comes out more with this energy


Watch your emotional self today. Don't make any decisions at this time based on your emotional self. Careful with this energy, because this maybe the straw that broke the camel's back. You may have to assert yourself once and for all with a situation. Everything that was bottle may come splashing out today. I think I saw that bird leave the bull, RUN DAM IT


Try to be the mutable sign that I know you can be and try to be flexible or adapt to your situation. For some of you, even though you don't want too. The focus points more towards your family and home. At this time spend time with them acknowledge them. Because if you don't you'll find this energy to be like nails to a chalker. Because this energy is saying pay attention to the noise that is bothering because it wants your time and attention.


Watch your emotional self today. I feel your stubbornness is causing problems which will bring about changes. This can be changes with require. I feel if you don't want to do this and cooperate than here's are response . Again try to be flexible with this energy. Difficulties with dominating people can happen with this energy. Those people are best dealt with passivity


Watch your emotional self today. As above so below with the sun conjunct jupiter in your third house. You can take things to heart or allow your imagination to get the best of you. Careful at this time you tend to react with out thinking. I feel there can be an emotional fight with what you want to do and what being asked of you to do


You are all about your social life today . So careful with your spending because you spend big with this energy. Self discipline is needed in regards to work , you need to learn to be consistent and see things all the way through with this energy. You may feel that you are at a crossroads with some directions that you want to go


I feel with this energy you are very protective about your family. This can cause some rifts with some relationships. If they make you choose between family and themselves. I feel also with this energy, you can also be fighting with family members at this time. Your emotional self is causing the problems that you are going through at this time. So is your way of thinking , try to think big picture. You really don't want to fight , so try to do things differently


I feel with this energy, you are very convincing when it comes to getting what you want. I feel for some of you, you maybe more with your thoughts. Especially along your thoughts to carry else where instead of in the present . I feel with this energy, you can be more about your social with this energy. Or you may meet someone new through on line dating site