Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 12,2016 Weekly Tarotscopes by Marie Moore


This week, I see new people coming into your life, and also opportunities for love. Just remember it's inauspicious for love under mercury retrograde. I feel also with this energy , a time where things start to go your way. I see a great time for court , peaceful negotiations and compromise can happen with this energy. You do have allot of cups cards in your horoscope. So this energy can go either way ;it can be a fabulous week, or this week can ride you like a pony on a Tuesday, like a Rhinestone Cowboy. I feel with this energy, this is a great time for job interviews. I feel also you are completing goals or impressing yourself with this energy


This can be a great energy week for you. I feel good news with career or receiving recognition at this time. Or some positive conversations in regards to growth. I feel also love is the focus especially if you've been fighting with your partner. I feel a good chance of getting back together or working towards a resolution with this energy. I feel this week may even just be a feel good energy. You might be just in a good headspace in general. For others of you money is getting better or things are resolving themselves out in your favor    


I feel with this energy things are going to get better, or at least there is light at the end of your tunnel. I feel with this energy you are more in your head with this energy. I feel also you need to trust your intuition this week as well. For some of you , you are being guided to do something by your intuition. You are very creative and thinking more outside the box. You are very good at problem solving.I see with this energy you being reliant on someone else, or relying on someone else's money. At this time the cards are acknowledging it , and showing you benefit through someone else. I feel also for some of you money is the issues, and money worries are coming up


There are allot of people in your cards this week that you are dealing with . For some of you being a bit obsessive with this energy. So try to look for something else to do to occupy your thoughts. Because this can take you down the road to anxiety or depression, so try to stay out of your head. I feel also with this energy issues with love relationship or relationships in general are coming up . You can't please everyone so just do what makes you happy. Try to make the focus more about your happiness and positive energy . I do see you can be your own worst enemy this week . There is something that is with in your grasp or something or someone you've been wanting but now you are on this destructive path. Take this time , this week to get back on track with you


Major changes are coming up this week . For some of you property matters are showing in the cards. For others of you a possibility of a move or thinking about moving. I feel at this time , what ever you are going through, you have to go through it for a little while longer. I feel at this time, life altering experiences can happen . I feel for some of you delving more into your spirituality this week. I feel at this time your intuition is guiding you to a better place. I feel for some of you , the changes that are coming up are out of your hands, and this can be related to the weather. I feel also with this energy , you have your chance to plead your case and you'll most likely win or at least people will see your point of view.


I feel at this time , you have some difficult decisions to make , and some of these decisions maybe more up in the air. I see at this time emotional confusion because you want to leave a relationship or a situation. And I do see you feeling stuck at this time. I feel at this time major changes can happen so try to keep the energy positive. As above so below because what ever energy you are putting out there. The universe is bringing to fruition. You are going through major changes at this time. For some of you , these are smooth changes and for others these changes are thorough. Meaning your way of looking at things are going to change. Or even how you treat others will change as well.


At this time your inner traffic light is yellow. Telling you to slow down at this time, and I do see allot of ideas up in the air. I see allot of changes you want to make because you are mad or unhappy right now. These are mostly up in the air. I do see apologies being made and second chances with others can happen. I see opportunities for love but I feel you are going to think about it than pursue it. I do see the focus being more on children or the younger people in your life. I feel you have allot of great ideas that you can do but at this time again the yellow traffic signal is on. I feel at this time what ever sticky situation you put yourself in . You have to own your part in the situation


Your head is not your best friend this week , so try to stay in the present. I do see some great money making opportunities or investments coming up . But I feel for some of you, you might be thinking about it because I do see you being in your feelings . And for some of you a possible depression so your not so motivated to move forward.  But the energy to do so is there. I feel also you might receive deep personal insight about a situation or specific person in your life. Or you might have an epiphany. I feel also with this energy , you are having a difficult time moving forward. Because you are stuck in your way of thinking. Changes that you know, you should be making ; your not ready to make


At this time, I feel you might be feuding with siblings or other family  members with this energy.   Someone close to you would be of great assistance, and may even be aware of your plight, but you will have to work hard and ask nicely to receive this person's assistance.I do see you fighting a manipulative person, at this time slow down and look at the situation. I feel with this energy , you are fighting a battle alone but you will eventually win, so hang in there. I feel at  this time, this is a great time for those of you in media or social media. You will be excited to find that a dream is coming true. You may have fantasized about a specific person as your possible soulmate and suddenly will discover that you were on a pedestal in his or her eyes as well.


I feel at this time, you are being reactive over a situation. Try to see the bigger picture , the end result of what you want. Because you want one thing but your kind of destroying it and doing another. So even if others are difficult with you or your not over a situation try to look at the bigger picture. Try to look beyond your emotions and look at your end results. You will find that elusive will power needed to diet, stay sober or quit a destructive lover to whom you are addicted.I feel your inner child may come out this week, and you might be a bit more playful with others .


You  can discover an interesting way to make money with all of the pull and persuasion that your unique outlook on life has garnered for you.I feel with this energy, this is a great time for collaborations or partnering up with someone who understands the ropes of your career.  I feel there can be powerstruggles with family members. Because either you or them or both of you , are stubborn in your way or their way of thinking. I feel also with this energy , you benefit through your partner or others with this energy. I feel that people from your past may reach out to you. You might feel very sentimental at this time. Also there can be thoughts of the past coming up


Look for a breakup to occur. It may be you and a boyfriend, it may be your parents or a couple you admire.An acknowledgement from the universe that you are on the right path, the path that you were actually put on this earth to follow.  A good business or creative climate is impending and that a few other people with whom you are working will help get a project right and make it profitable.A powerful transformation is going to occur that it may alter your life this week. I feel also love opportunities are possible but remember Mercury is in retrograde so it's not the best time. I do see this is a great week for current love relationships to form a deeper bond , for some of you