Monday, September 12, 2016



Watch your emotional self with the moon in Aquarius opposing your tenth house. There can be fights today with others in regards to power struggles or just a different way of doing things. So try to be open minded to someone else suggestions. Temporary setbacks can have you feeling very reactive, try to bend today


I feel with this energy you are surrounding yourself with people who have the same values as you and beliefs. You might be socializing or participating more with a certain group of people. Only to help better yourself and your well being. You benefit through certain friendships with this energy


This is a great day for business especially second sources of income to start working for you. I feel with this energy you benefit and learn through others. This energy is out with the old way of thinking and in with the new, and what works. I feel also with this energy , you are getting along better with other people.


I feel with this energy you are very curious and there is something new coming into your life that you are excited about learning and understanding. Also you might be thinking about moving in a new direction with your career.Or you might be putting your creative touches on a project


I feel with this energy you can relate better with others because of your situations that you've been through makes you able to understand their situation.  There is allot of attention around you or about you with this energy. I feel this is a good thing so let your little star shine today. You might be invited to allot of get togethers this week


I feel you are very good talker and you can easily get your way with other people. Great energy for those of you in sells , or going to a job interview. I feel with this energy you are very aggressive with your pursuit of power. That you might eat other people alive if they aren't helping you and you feel like they are inhibiting you or not doing anything


I feel with this energy, this is a great time to put the fire under your butt for towards career. Also this energy benefits research and investigations. So if your looking for the truth , you might find it today. I feel with this energy you might assert yourself with certain relationships.I feel that you are more than likely to speak your mind. Just make sure not to blow up on the person


I feel for some of you , your thoughts maybe else where and not at the task at hand. I feel that you need to be careful not to get frustrated with others or take things out on others. I feel this is coming from frustration of where you are at in life, or you are allowing situations to get the best of you


Your allowing your fears and emotional issues to get the best of you. Try to keep it positive because the moon is in the 8th house. I feel with this energy you can be your own worst enemy because you are allowing you to get the best of you. Careful with this energy because you might be accident prone or things can break down today, becareful when driving


Powerstruggles with relationships are coming up. This can be control versus freedom, or the other person freedom. I feel with this energy try to see the bigger picture which is your value. Try to be more logical with your relationship than reactive.  I feel also you may have an opportunity to help someone but this more out of duty than you wanting to do it. I would say don't do it because you'll resent the person  


You are in a better headspace with this energy. You might be bending over backwards for others or taking care of their responsibilities. I feel also at this time, you want to make changes in certain parts of your life. This could be with a move or thoughts of changing careers. I feel you are emotional at peace when your mind is busy doing something


I feel with this energy, you have some awesome luck at this time. Play lotto win $5 dollar ticket. People around you bring you good luck too. Meaning you may find that today when you are around this person. You have allot of good coming to you. Or your business starts getting busy