Wednesday, August 31, 2016



This is a great energy to work on yourself, to get things done, or to channel all your energy into your work. This is a moving forward energy despite the mercury retrograde.I feel with this energy you might be going over other people's head. Because they aren't giving you the answer that you want


Watch your emotional self today in regards to love relationships. For some of you love issues are a bit fragile, or you might be allowing your emotional self to get the best of you. For some of you second chances with relationships in general are coming up. I feel at this time there are worries in losing a love relationship. Watch what you say to other person, and watch how you speak to them.    


Still going through changes emotionally needing to change. This is going to come in the form of other people, and dealing with them. Problems with dominating figures in your life or with family members are going to come today.  I feel with this energy you are all about doing your own thing. This maybe why people are annoyed with you Today


Difficult energy with those in authority . In order to avoid problems at work try to bend a little.I feel also with this energy, you are allowing your fears to keep where you are at and along them to get the best of you. You need to be grounded with this energy because your head is not your friend


I feel with this energy , you might be open minded to new situations or ideas coming up with this energy. Also thoughts of the past are coming up which can cause some of you to feel moody today. You might be quiet with your feelings today and may go along with other people's plans. Even if you don't want too


It's up to you , how you want today to go this can be a fabulous day. To get your juju on and the law of attraction, or this can be a moody day. Because you are looking to close at a situation that is out of your control.For some of you try to stay in the present today and out of your feelings


This is a great day to tap into your juju energy and get your prayer on. You are very  quiet with this energy. For some of you, you might be more about yourself , and taking care of you, or even changing up your style, profile picture, or even getting a hair cut today. I feel for some of you , might be tapping more into your spiritual side


Mercury is in retrograde so expect delays at this time., blame the retrograde. I feel that there  can be some Katty energy. Because you might be taking your frustration out on others or being to much because your frustrated with a few wrenches. Now that you  know wrenches are getting thrown in your day try to go more with the flow


You might feel very organized with this energy. You are very positive with this energy. This is a great time receive good news or start to move forward with career. Just put a filter on that mouth and you'll be all set to go. This is a great energy to work towards your goals. Or watch some of your wishes get fulfilled today 


Beautiful energy to tap into your juju, your thoughts may really become things with this energy so keep it positive with this energy. A beautiful time with career, or those of you looking for a job. Good news is coming to you either today or in the next few days. For others of you this is a popular energy time for you. A great time for those of you in media or social. For others of you business can pick today 


This is a beautiful energy time, brings about emotional transformation with this energy. An opportunity to change the emotional either through your experience or personal transformation. Also with this energy , you are able to over come difficult situations. For some of you this energy brings about endings and beginnings coming up for you


Neptune is conjunct with part of fortune, powerful psychic energy coming at you. You might be like a psychic sponge and absorb other people's energy. So if you find yourself getting mad for no reason step back and see if you calm down than reenter the room. This way you are able to separate kind between your feelings and what the people in the room are feeling.