Sunday, August 7, 2016



The cards are showing me that ever burden you've been carrying looks like it's going to be lifted. I feel that at this time ideas that are up in the air are proving to be good ideas. The cards are showing it's a great life decisions. I feel at this time other people are presenting: ideas and opportunities to you. I feel that this week brings about much relief to some of you. I do see some life altering experiences happening like :a pregnancy or even just something really positive. Also the cards are showing me that you need to stop and enjoy the moments going on in your life. Instead of constantly working. I feel also someone is going to be helping you with money. At the sametime this person is helping for the sake of helping. Giving you more of an independence with money.  


I do see at this time allot of good in the cards. Some self realization with your relationships are coming up making you reevaluate or take action on certain relationships.I feel that you need to be careful  about talking about your problems to everyone because everyone has an opinion. Even though some valid. You may not act up their decision this week which will make them resent you. I do see people leading and guiding you this week. Pick and choose what you want to listen too. Partnerships especially business partnerships are rewarding to you. Also I do see collaborations happening as well. I feel this is energy brings about fulfillment with career or good news with career. I do see work giving you recognition, and letting you know that there are opportunities to grow.


Your love life is the topic this week, questioning  the other person's loyalty with this energy. Allowing your insecurities to get the best of you this week . I feel new love relationships can happen with this energy. I do see this is a very exciting for dating for some of you .I do see some exciting happenings with love. Some one you've been wanting to talk to may start to talk.  I feel that some red flags are coming up with your love. So be more self aware; the red flag has been drop, check. Major changes are coming up this week. The cards want you to know that you did nothing to cause these changes. I do see this change being very random as well. I feel also at this time you do have allot of money making ideas coming  up.


I feel for some of you  that you are practicing some sort of restriction to give the spiritual self peace. I feel that this energy will be tested this week, so you've been warned. Careful with running with a certain crowd because it's not helping to grow. I feel like on one hand it's going to be guilty by association. I feel with this energy also  this crowd maybe doing their own thing. But your more focus on the play and socializing. So be self aware of what you are doing because Crabs tend to get caught up with the social life. And not pay attention to their own growth. Than when the fun is over. Everyone else in that crowd is changing and growing except for you. Also I do see good news changing your social status as well


Shows money being given to you this can be a money incentive or family giving you money. I do see something you really want coming to fruition this week. Shows this week that you are quite creative and delving more into your hobbies with this energy . I see the focus is on your love life this week. I do see  relationships in your life especially personal are very fragile this week Watch your emotional self this week . I do see for some of you opportunities to date are coming up. I do see you letting your hair down some and your partying ways will lead to a bigger hangover.  


Looking at the cards, this week is looking good for you. I feel that you are being a bit of giver so be careful with all you do for someone else. Because they may resent you or you may resent them for not returning the favor. You have so much talent and energy this week try to put it towards you. I do see some wonderful news coming your way this week. I feel what ever you set your heart and mind to this week . You'll see it come to fruition. This is a great week to turn ideas into things. Again big news is around you, for some of you right now it's just for ears so keep it quite   This is a beautiful time for change. One chapter of your life is coming to an end and another door is opening up for you just as quick


Surprise with love or with career happen with this energy, so MAZEL. I feel that people have their views on you and it's very positive. So it's hard for others to see you in a different light because someone else has a problem with you. You have the fire under your butt for making changes in your life. Moving forward with goals that it's really hard for anyone to tell you other wise because you just wont listen right now. I feel your intuition for allot of you is on. It's putting you on course or on your journey and than it will innately stop as it always do. At this time your aren't taking others advise because this is something you innately need to do .


You might be so focus on work that you are missing out on opportunities to have fun. Also for some of you are dealing with your depression. Try for your mind sake to get out and socialize with others some. I do see certain areas of your life turning around for better with this energy. I see you getting yourself out of a situation that you've been in for a while. I see you being more of a problem solver this week. Also for some of you , this is a great week. You are more playful with this energy, and you can be in a better headspace if you choose.  I see love relationships getting a bit more serious or new love entering in your life .


Watch your emotional self there can be ups and downs with your emotions . This can either be a fabulous week or this can be the worst week ever. So it's up too you what you want , be a deliberate creator this week .This week try not to watch other people because you might get more frustrated with what you are doing, and where you are going. Instead focus on what makes you happy and what you are doing right. Because we all have different journeys and paths to take. And some journeys that we see going on around us are signs of whats to come for us. So take them more as signs of things coming for you than this negative thing. That is going to make you feel bad this week about yourself.


I feel with this energy you need to be honest with your self this week especially emotionally. I do see changes that you want to make emotionally but your more saying and not doing . I do see a level of self control over certain situations. You need to be more open minded with certain situations that are going on in your mind.For some of you , you maybe traditional in your way of thinking , so this can be an emotional process for you. I do see property matters coming up and thoughts of moving happening with this energy. I feel at this time try not to get obsessed with love especially those who you are crushing on at a distant. Because it's bring you out of alignment with everything else that is good in your life. Meaning that your feelings about this person can make you upset because you aren't with them and than trickles over to others parts of your life so be self aware of your feelings


At this time you are moving in the right direction. . I feel that this is a great energy for emotional stability. Because your money situation is going to improve. I feel also you may have an epiphany with this energy only a message for you to understand.  I feel at this time watch your words. I do see you making a decisions that will impact many people's live . Or for some of you other people look to you for guidance. I do see for some of you , you are ending one phase of your life and beginning a new one. I see that you are going to be enlighten by the direction. Try to see breaks or people leaving your life at this time more than a blessing in disguise


Relationships in general can change this week so go with the flow. I feel also at this time love relationships are the focus. I do see you thinking about or talking to the ex at this time. I do see also thoughts of travelling or getting prepare to go on trip coming up as well. You may receive money or help from parents , for others of you money incentive at work or even approval for a loan can come up. I do see power struggles happen with love relationships or even with parents versus their children, especially not getting along with mother. I do see you questioning the relationship with this energy. I do see you finding your way out of a bad situations. Also people may come to you more for advice with this energy