Wednesday, August 24, 2016



 Change is happening today.For some of you the focus is around the women in your life. They are either helpful to you with career. Or changes with the home for better worst is  happening with this energy. If your not willing to change in certain areas of your life at this time. The planets are going to do it for you. For some of you this is karmic with other people today.


With this energy try to go more with the flow not the easiest energy with the moon in Gemini. Your way of thinking needs to change. You might be a bit more temperamental or moody with this energy. Because you want everything a particular way.  If you had an opportunity to change a situation what would you do differently ?


You need to try to bend like the air bender you are and jump on opportunities that are going to become available to you. I see you resting more and being comfortable were you at and not moving forward with this energy. You have allot of good ideas at this time, but all they are ideas for now.


Careful with this energy especially with men or dominating women. Mars is afflicted forming a mutable but also it's conjunct with part of fortune.  Relationships can end during this time, stay away from the comment bar on the social media pages. You don't have thick skin today so any criticism can really hurt you emotionally.


Try to retract the horns today my rams. You are very passionate about the things you want, and even impulsive with your decisions. So careful with your decisions today because everything is cause and effect. This  a great energy to focus more on self evaluation, being self aware or delving more into faith and spirituality. Not the best day with pushing for the things you want


Power Struggles with relationships in your life are coming up. Disagreements are going to happen today. Its best to try to be as compromising and flexible as possible. Because your stubbornness is just going to create more problems for you. Change is happening and it's not on your time. Try not to fight and go more with the flow because it's happening, CHANGE


Watch your emotional self today. You do have mutable square change is happening for better or worst with this energy. For some of you , you are reacting to the changes that need to happen in your life. For some of you it's a feeling of being stuck. Because it's to routine for you, and nothing new is coming up. Acknowledge that energy, and break it up a little. You are a bit rebellious but it might because you are tired of certain people's attitude.  


Change is happening, for some of you, you might actually quit your job today. For others of you, you might really get into to it with people at work . Not the easiest energy especially if you are stuck in your way. And your not willing to compromise or move, so you'll find them getting a bit passive aggressive with you. I feel others of you might be a bit stuck in your head with this energy


Not the easiest energy , your not getting along with certain people in your life, especially children or friends or even lovers because you want to be more in control or be respected. Thats all ego having that conversation with you. I understand children need discipline but try not to go over board.Be Careful with your actions because they do have cause and effect wtih this energy.


You have allot of planets in your first house to much: restless, nervous energy. Try to stay grounded and in present. You might be more in your feelings, and take what others say personally. I feel this is a karmic time with this energy so try to go more with the flow. Things are changing for the better


Watch your emotional self today. You have allot of planets in your 12th house. Your health might be an issue with the moon in Gemini. You need to watch your emotional self and the decisions that you make at this time. Because you are more doing this out of spite. I feel that you are dealing with someone that you don't get along with . I feel that you have what they want, or they might be asking you for a favor. Which I already know the answer is "NO"


Careful with your playful banter because someone or you might take it the wrong way. I feel with this energy careful with decisions that are coming up with this energy. I feel with this energy you might come across as fake to others because you don't want to make an emotional connection with others. Other people can sense that from you, and try to get to know you. By asking you allot of questions about yourself.