Thursday, August 4, 2016



Your mars is in a bad aspect today watch your emotional self with this energy. You might be a bit hypersensitive. Or you may feel like your way of doing things is right. It maybe right for you and work for you but it's not what others want. Or people are not ready to change. So try to be patient with others. Or you can move on to other projects that you have more control over.


At this time I see power struggles with the moon in Virgo opposing your south node conjunct Neptune in retrograde. This can be towards family at this time. You nit picking them on what they should be doing. Or how you raise your children. Also see others of you, taking the road less travel, and family members may have something to say about that


Major decisions are coming up in regards to certain people in your life or even with career. I feel certain things are starting to get on your nerve. Or you may not be in the mood to go to work anymore because you don't feel happy. I do see some of you being at a cross roads today


 Your thoughts can become things today watch your emotional self today for better or worst. You are allowing yourself to beat yourself up today. Try to turn your way of thinking around. Slow down more with your thought process and be more in the present. Love this affirmation: Everything is good, I'am good.  


Power issues are coming up today with partnerships in general. Also with this energy needing to confront certain issues that you are not willing nor wanting to acknowledge like debt,or certain stipulations with court. Or even face certain truths today. Watch your emotional self practice on staying in the present.


Change is happening today so try to go more with the flow. Try to be careful with what you say to others. Who ever has to leave your life let them.With the moon transiting your first house, it's harder to get over things. So you take things personally, and you might have mood swings. Try not to focus on the negative like other people words. Instead put your focus more towards the things and people that make you happy.  


Careful with your health today.With this energy you can be a bit accident prone because your not really focusing on the task at hand. Also with this energy you are putting things off in general and can be a bit lazy today.For some of you , you may have an unusual experience today.


 With this energy you are very focus on one particular thing today: work or goals. Remember everything is cause and effect so careful with that stinger of yours. I feel that there are surprises with friends, or old friends or exs reaching out to you with this energy.  Careful with new money opportunities or investment opportunities they might be more of a lesson than dealing with .


  Turn of events with money can happen over the next few days for better or worst. The part of fortune is in the second house with Pluto. So abrupt endings and new beginnings can happen either today or the next few days. Pluto today is well aspected so try to stay positive and go more with the flow. For some of you this is a great time for business and moving forward with career.


With this energy there can be power struggles with relationships in general. In order to move forward or to get what you want , you may have to give up certain things.You need to work on coming more into a place of "YES" with others. This can be a mind trip with itself.


Try to be more of listener than a fixer today. I feel certain people, you encounter today may not be ready for change or may not want to change. So allow them to do what they are going to do. They have their own lessons to learn as well as you.Also with this energy you are being asked to change some about you today. So be open minded to the idea of listening and change. Bend like the air benders you are  

You have lessons with others, or you need to know what kind of people you are attracting into your life. Even who's commenting on your social media page and quickly delete.You don't need to have the last word or say anything slick, just delete and block. For those of you with mars afflicted weird or awkward interactions with the opposite sex. Or even them saying weird things to you.