Tuesday, August 16, 2016



At this time you are relying more on friends on emotional support. Because you don't like family members to worry about you.  I feel with this energy you are being asked to be more of a team player with this energy. I do see for some of you major decisions are coming up in regards to career. Adjustments with your time or resources or you being more flexible is being asked of you.


In order to get your way, your going to have to bend. Meaning be more flexible or compromising.  I feel with this energy you are getting exactly what you are asking for in others,You may want to try to figure out what you really need. Because your going to find that out through what you ask from others.


With this energy you are more nurturing with your relationships at work . I feel stress and mental pressure can cause stomach problems with this energy.Also with this energy you are being asked to be more adaptable in certain situations.  Don't go assuming today. You might even be at a cross roads with certain relationships or with career


You are able to understand other people's pain and where they are coming from today. You might go out of your way to help others with this energy. For some of you , you might be thinking about older family members today. Or spending time with family members with this energy.Good news can come your way . Giving you more emotional stability , which will help you give you clarity in a situation


You have to bend like the precious palm tree, I know you can be. I feel with this energy in order to get what you want you have to try a different approach, Or you might have to try someone else's idea or rely on some one else's decisions.  Business might be slow today so try to tap into faith with this energy. This is a time for patience and to slow down and go through the process


I feel at this time watch your emotional self. There can be a mental fight with the self. Because other people in your life need you to be there for them. But you don't want to be there for them at this time. You want to be more about yourself and your freedom. Power struggles with mother can happen with this energy. I feel also with this energy some of you can't take criticism.


You have a beautiful fire trine with your 4,8,12. I feel it's still an empowering energy, feeling of accomplishment with this energy. When you approach certain situations or people differently you get a different response. Also good news may coming your way with this energy.


  You need to bend a bit . I see you wanting to make changes with your emotional self to feel more emotionally stable. Try to take baby steps. For some of you this might be changing a habit. For some of you , I see some difficult changes in regards to career, or your relationships coming up. Also be careful with mood swings today


When it comes to goals or positive changes are happening with this energy. This can bring emotional stability or this can be a feeling that you chase. You are very motivated and inspire to make positive changes in your life. As you start seeing the results .


This energy brings on the job training or updating yourself with career.  You embrace anything new and out of your routine with this energy. With this energy you are very ambitious, a great time for networking and job interviews with this energy. You are able to be very relatable to others


At this time you are being complacent and not pushing yourself to grow or change. You are becoming to comfortable at where you are. I feel that you might even be noticing that some kind of change needs to be done. You are the one that needs to make the change and step out of your comfort zone  


Your communications skills are strong with this energy . This is a great energy to motivate others to be more proactive in their life. Or this is a good energy for sells people because you understand your client on an emotional level.  Also try to be more grounded at this time, because you are reading to much into situations.