Tuesday, August 30, 2016



 I feel with certain situations your going to feel vindicated, Justice is serve. So you might see you are in a place of being right. Or others are going to finally see what you've been talking about, score one for Scorpio. Also you benefit through learning with this energy, which will help you stay on top of your game.  


  Up and downs with career or your emotions are happening with this energy. Your obligations today put a temporary stop or disappoint on what you rather be doing. I feel friends at this time  may interrupt your schedule to do something fun and spontaneous. But you've already made plans or might be working on that day. Don't let this defeat you, or ruin your day just reschedule with them.


Moon in your ninth house, you tend to be quiet and withdrawn, or others may consider you shy with this energy. You have common sense and make accurate assessments with situations around you. Also watch your emotional self with this energy. Because you are all about doing things your way so power struggles can happen with you.


Moon in the 8th house, not getting along with the women in your life. With this energy, you might be more curious with the occult, or holistic healing. I feel certain situations going in your life. May have you going through emotional changes. What you strongly held tight to will no longer seem to make sense to you. So try to go more with the flow , because situations in your world are changing your mind for the better


Might not be the easiest energy with other people in your life. Because you feel emotionally in a different place and asserting yourself a bit more. Some people in your life may not like that.  Definitely butting heads with the men in your life or dominating women with this energy. Who ever needs to leave your life at this time . Let them , they will be right back


I feel with this energy you might be obsessed with career, or maybe working over time with career. I feel also with this energy this is  a great time for self evaluation and working on the self. At this time the train slows down for a bit. To do some necessary maintenance on itself.


You are very creative with this energy. You have allot of ideas at this time that you want to express. I feel this is a great time for artist with this energy, or those of you on social media . Because your talents want to be seen and heard with this energy. I feel for some of you, writers and entertainers really benefit from this energy. Exploring your ideas and delving into your hobbies


Problems or difficulties with those in authority can come up. Work can see stressful with this energy. Try to keep everything honest, because truth will be revealed with this energy. I feel with this energy you might be talking more about the past. For others of you the focus on thinking about moving. Updating your home, or property matters in general can come up with this energy . I feel for some of you watch your emotional self because of certain frustrations going on


Keep your thoughts positive with this energy. Because you have stellium with the moon in Virgo . So as above so below with this energy. Wrenches can and will get thrown in your day, but try to go more with the flow. Because sparks of miracles are on there way.


Emphasis today is on career, and business. For some of you  business turns around for the better. For others of you work , goes along smoothly just avoid power struggles with others with this energy. I feel you struggle today with letting go of past hurts. You don't do well when others tell you "NO". Try to be flexible today with others, because you tend to want to micro manage family members today


Careful with mood swings today. For some of you going through a depression. You have a lot of beautiful planets in your first. So be the deliberate creator in your life.I feel with this energy thoughts become things with this energy. I feel with this energy , corrections are being given to you, but at this time you might be in a bit more with your feelings. Take the constructive criticism given to you as a way to make ego smaller


Keep it positive with this energy. As above so below. You are more quiet and to yourself. You are not communicating your feelings or saying whats on your mind. So you may miss out on opportunities at this time. Because your not being aggressive at this time with what you want. You have allot of ideas at this time but everything is up in the air.