Thursday, August 25, 2016



I feel with this energy there can be powerstruggles or fights over property or money with this energy. Or even disagreements about custody with children with this energy. Careful with spending or being in a place of Yes with spending. Because you might regret it later. I feel if you go out, you have a go big or go home mentality, but you might regretted later when your pockets are low.


I feel with this energy you want to work more behind the scenes with this energy. I feel with this energy the focus is more on going than work. You might not be focus on work today. I feel there can be some inner turmoil going on. You are doing and saying one thing. I feel on one hand you want your freedom but in the other hand you want to be nurtured


I feel you need to becareful with repeating what you hear because it can open a can of worms today. I feel with this energy you are looking at things with an emotional eye. Instead of the reality of the situation. Try to see people and your situation for how they really are. I also feel at this time , try to go more with the flow. Because the more you fight, or resist change. It's going to make the problem allot worst


Careful with this energy because you want to tell others what to do. Other people may not want to listen to you, or may find a bit bossy with this energy. Try to give people there space and try not to control your relationships with others. Because you'll find allot of fight. You can compromise and suggest things.


The moon is with the part of fortune in the tenth house. This may create restless energy for you at work.  You might start cleaning at work or doing extra work to get rid of this energy.  I feel also with this energy thoughts of going into a different direction with career. This moon benefits writers and bloggers today.


For some of you today the focus is on your health issues. I feel at this time you might be looking for different alternatives to use to heal yourself with this energy. Try to stay calm or be more in the present. As stress can cause flair ups with certain issues today.  I feel with this energy you are very creative and have creative ideas. I feel these creative ideas you might talk about to others. They will try to push you to move in that direction. At this time its something to think about doing down the road.


Becareful of how much you talk about yourself today. I know you get carried away and than afterwards may feel awkward about having said or open about yourself. It's okay you showed just a bit of yourself, and just a bit of your surface. You know you have allot more to show. So try not to sabotage this relationship. Your going to feel vulnerable after opening yourself like that today  


I feel with this energy you might be re-evaluating certain relationships in your life because both of you are going in different directions or want different things.  You need to becareful what you say to others. Because I feel at this time you can be brutal honest, or opinionated about certain things.You might find yourself end up being the bad guy , because of your remarks or comments


You need to slow down your thoughts and try to stay grounded. Watch your emotional self , anxieties, or problems with speech can come up with this energy. Or you can be over analytical today , use relaxation techniques and methods to help ground you with this energy.


I feel with this energy people want to get to know you . You may get annoyed by this because other people are trying to put you in a box. So you can make sense or fit in some how in their life. I feel with this energy , it's hard to stick to a routine or to get organize with this energy. I feel there is to much going in your life. So it's a bit difficult to figure out where to begin. Pick a spot and just start. Sometimes when we start the action, we end up getting organized or figuring out a system


This is a beautiful energy for fishies dealing with the greater good. For some of you this a great time for servicing others through spiritual teachings or healing. I feel for others of you. Any thoughts or decisions that you decide to make at this time. You are more considerate of other people's feelings. So you may second guess or doubt yourself when it comes to making a decision


You need to watch your emotional self. You might be a bit to empathetic and can pick on other people's moods today. So if someone is cranky or in weird mood, guess what so are you. It's best to acknowledge your feelings and try to separate the two . Or try to acknowledge someone feelings by talking to them about their feelings.  Sounds like the train needs to slow down today .