Saturday, August 27, 2016



I feel this week you have allot of good happening to you. For some of you this is money getting better with this energy. You have luck on your side with this energy. I feel this week, truth that you 've been looking for will be revealed to you . Be careful what you wish for this week. You have allot of people in your life. I feel relationship issues are going to come up. I feel power struggles in the relationship are happening. I feel with this energy there is an age difference with this relationship. I feel in someone or you are being a bit childish this week with your way of thinking. I feel this is going to be a problem with relationships. I feel for others of you this is a fun week . I see you surrounded by younger people or children with this energy.


I feel thoughts of ex is happening and also ex is coming back into the picture for some of you. Major decisions are coming up in regards to love relationships. I feel with this energy you need to becareful with your way of thinking. Because some of your decisions or way of thinking maybe a bit childish. I feel for some of you an emotional rebirth is happening this week .You might be in touch with your inner child.  I do see love opportunities happening at this time but I feel your going to slow down and really think about your decision, before moving forward. I feel for some of you , a woman in your life has put herself in a bit of a predicament.  


You have the stamina to conquering any obstacles that come in your way this week. I do see you mastering your money sector through patience and diligence. I also see others resenting you. You either don't notice or see this or you don't care, but it's showing up in the cards. I feel for some of you second chances with relationships in general are coming up. For others of you focusing more on your love life. This isn't the best energy time but I do see for some of you ;your love life is picking up.You might be missing out on allot of opportunities because you tend to alienate your self from others. I see also with this energy you might receive insider knowledge with a certain situation. Which is going to make you feel empowered with this information.


I see opportunities to travel this week even if its just for the weekend. I see this is a better energy for career. I see recognition at this time and popularity at work . For some of you updating yourself on your career wtih this energy. I feel this is a busy week for career, and you might be more focus on that area of your life. I see potential love opportunities with an its complicated person. This week let your intuition guide because I do see  you being very creative and feeling very inspired with this energy. I feel for some of you, you might over certain situations or people. So your not going to put no more energy this week on them. I feel through updating yourself with career or school major breakthroughs are made


There are allot of people in your cards this week especially men or male energy in your cards. So for some of you , you might be dealing with masculine energy women, or strong women in your life. I do see definitely an age difference and the way of thinking is different from yours . Your recent hobbies are serving to isolate you from friends and family. This is a message to get them involved or to find a group that shares your passion. I see work getting better for some of you . I feel major decisions in regards to love are coming up. Why don't you think about a bit long like when mercury retrograde ends before ending relationships. I feel for some of you , this person coming up in the cards is looking for a serious relationship


Your way of thinking about certain things or situations or people is going to change this week. A good business or creative climate is coming up this week and that a few other people with whom you are working will help get a project right and make it profitable.I feel that you have some good news coming up. It's not news that you can announce yet because you basically got a "Yes". For some of this can be in the form of a beautiful idea that you have yet to put out to fruition. It feels like a success , a great idea but you wont know till you execute. At this time your keeping mum about the good news coming in your life. Or keeping mum about your ideas that you cant wait to show to the world.


Major decisions are coming with relationships in general . I feel at this time your are trying to change your way of thinking or doing things. And others may not be on board with you. Watch your emotional self this week because you have allot of ideas up in the air at this time. All moving in the same direction but not being executed at this time. I do see thoughts of travelling coming up with this energy. There is a strong chance that your ideas and creative outlets will create controversy. Knowledge is power so now, you can now take time to be prepared to defend your vision and approach. I do see for others of you taking your relationship to the next level, For some of you signing contracts or making major commitments with business partnerships.


I see things that you want coming to your grasp. I see emotional stability at this time. This is a great time for money or for things to start to go your way. I feel you are in a better headspace and spirits with this energy. For some of you , you might receive deeper insight into your situation. I feel at work , your work maybe the standards that managers go by or what they are looking for in others. I feel at this time , you might need to contact others or start making plans to hang out. Because you are alienating yourself with your personal relationship.  Make time for others this week, work is not your life .


 You are out and about more and  more partying for some of you  than you have ever had, but a bigger hangover than you can handle awaits.This is a beautiful energy week for you. You are in a better headspace with this energy. For some of you, you are out and about more than usual. I feel that this time you have allot of ideas that you are playing with . This week court is coming up for some of you. But I feel that the justice system works more in your favor with this energy. I do see people in your life helping you out financially or extending help to you. I see also love opportunities are possible but inauspicious because of mercury retrograde. In general situations work more towards your favor this week.


This is a busy week for you, lots going in personal and career with this energy . I feel at this time the load that your carrying is worth carrying with this energy.But you may have to carry this load a while longer.  I feel that there is an exciting source of income coming for some of you. For some of you this could be getting a job this week. For others a second source of income with this energy. I feel at this time this week might be quiet. Because I see you trying to stay on a more saner path.  You will find that elusive will power needed to diet, stay sober or quit a destructive lover to whom you are addicted. Also with this energy , you need to remember everything is causes and effect. So becareful with the decisions you make this week.


Watch your emotional self this week because you might be a bit more in your head than usual. I feel at this time you have ideas but these are more like thoughts than anything. For some of you , you can write down these ideas, and you might pursue them after mercury goes direct. I do see love highlighted this week. I see for some of you feeling stuck in the relationship or bored. So you need to do something exciting with your partner. Or you might need to emotionally connect with your partner some how. I feel for some of you , a recent heart break but try to see the blessing in that heart break. I see opportunities for love with an ex is coming back. I feel that you are going to think long and hard about it. Your manifesting power is very powerful this week so try to use it . For some of you, what ever seeds that you've been planting you might see them take root this week


I see a move happening for some to a different stay. For others I see travelling coming up this week . And than for some of you , I see just thinking out loud about moving or even travelling. Right now for some of you it's up in the air. Nothing to get excited or mad about , it's just talking at this time. Fishies are very ambitious this week. That blind ambition might cost some of you. I feel for some of you, people don't realize your power or how far in the game you really are. At this time let your work speak for you. And let others say what they are going to say because they really don't know what they are talking about. I feel for some of you patience is a virtue and it's paying off. You have good news coming up this week so as above so below.