Sunday, August 28, 2016



You might feel on top of your game in regards to career. People may try to prove you wrong but you'll be sure to prove them why you are right. I feel you have a bit of fighting spirit when it comes to career, and also when you are getting what you want. Sometimes you may quietly go about doing both things today


I feel with this energy you are very ambitious. Also with this energy you have a bit of tunnel vision. So it's hard for you to listen to others or take other people's suggestion today. So try to bend with this energy . You are not willing to bend with somethings but those are the things that offer us the opportunity to make ego smaller, something to think about


 A busy and popular energy time for you, great for business. I feel with this energy a great energy for social media as well.  I feel with this energy, you can feel organized and feel more focus on your career, or school or even a project at the home. Many opportunities will be presented for you to pursue these activities, and you may in turn be a mentor or support creativity in others.


You make a good impression now, and you draw into your life people whom you like and who like you. Although trivialities may highlight your interactions, you enjoy feeling good with Others.Informative conversations can occur, and others listen better to what you have to say. You can convey your message with feeling that gives it added impact. This is a good time to solve problems-allow yourself to be led to the right answer.


I feel with this energy you seem to romanticize certain relationships or put certain people in your life on a pedestal . This is a great time for those of you with job interviews. You get along with the most difficult people with this energy. I feel also with this energy you are about your close personal relationships. There is an emphasis on socializing or making plans with family members. 


 For those of you , who are self employed this is a fabulous energy time for you , for growth and expansion. I feel for others of you property matters are coming up. Whether it's thoughts of moving or fixing the house. The issues can be more about the home, or home repairs with this energy 


 Thoughts of career changes are coming up because you want more money during this time. Also you might be more about surrounding yourself with positive people with this energy. For others you are thinking about getting a second source of income or updating yourself on your career 


Watch your mood swings with this energy. I feel with this energy you prefer to stay by yourself and work more behind the scenes. Your not a team player today .  I feel health issues may flair up today . Also with this energy you are difficult to change, so there can be allot of kicking and screaming along the way to change


Moon is conjunct with part of fortune in your 12th house . You can sometimes feel frustrated as your contributions are not appreciated or recognized most of the time. This is because of the fact you work secretly and then expects people to give you some credit. Try to speak up with this energy. I feel as above so below with this energy so keep your thoughts positive with this energy. 


With this energy you are feeling like you have to do everything or nothing will get done. You tend to be more hands on at work or even watching what other people are doing at this time. Try to work on your while working with others.  I feel for some of you hard work and perseverance start to pay off


I feel with this energy you are making new friends or acquaintances right now. Because you have to analyze them before you allow them into your circle of friends. You veer away from melodrama, emotionalism, male chauvinism and other extremes. You might be questioning certain relationships in your life 


In knowing what you need, you can take the steps to satisfy it. You are not one to sit around now-being active feels good. There is emotion tied to your actions, and it is easy to really get into something although you may lose interest shortly after the beginning. You are successful, however, at initiating things and in getting others interested in what you desire. Having an accurate sense of what is right to do, you are effective taking charge.