Tuesday, August 9, 2016



Change is happening today with this energy for better or worst in regards to money. So try to keep the energy positive. For some of you this energy brings about a job or money opportunities today. Also for some of you the focus is more towards home, watch for mood swings with this energy. For some of you might be a bit more moody than usual


For some of you , you might be used more as a listening ear today or a shoulder to cry. You are a strong shoulder to lean on too. You are very sympathetic to other people's plight because you've been there and done that too. This can be opportunity here to mend broken relationships, and get at the heart or the source of the problem, and begin some real healing


For some of you, you might be more about the home and issues going on at the home;taking care of business at the home.  We do have a mutable square today, so change is happening, especially around your relationships. You do have an earth trine today so you may reap what you sow at this time.  Or certain situations in regards to money are turning around for you


I feel this is a fun energy time for you. I feel the focus is on relationships  so watch your emotional self at this time. Especially with the exs coming back into the picture. I do also see this being a fun energy today. I feel that you are in better spirits. I do see on the job training happening with this energy or updating yourself on something new.


Careful with this energy because you may not be getting along with the women in your life. I feel today brings drama with the family members. Shows at this time you are not making promises to anyone, or committing yourself to anything . Because it doesn't seem like its something you would be interested in doing at this time. Or it might be a real risk with your money. You don't have enough information to move forward


For some of you the need to change is coming up. For some of you today possible moves are coming up. Also the focus is more towards problems with the personal life. Try to stay a bit grounded today. Because you can be a bit more in your feelings and very sensitive with this energy.  The focus maybe more towards your relationship with the men in your life . Power Struggles can happen because you aren't being flexible with this energy. Try to compromise or try to talk with cooler heads.


Moon in your second house of money is well aspected today. For some of you business may pick and career will do well for others. With this energy you get people and you know what they are looking for. This is a good energy for those of you in sells,  communications, or customer service. With this energy you maybe making friends with the movers and shakers of your reality. Or you might be getting buddy buddy with the boss


You need to becareful with your reactive self , because you have a T-square 1,4,10. You are being to prideful with this energy or you may not take constructive criticism to well with this energy. I feel also with this energy that some people in your life. Might try to guide you and tell you to focus more on taking care of yourself with this energy. Or focus on the people in your life that make you happy


For some of you , you might be delving more into metaphysics, or self help books with this energy. It might be hard for you to focus on the task at hand so try to buckle down a bit . You are definitely in a more playful mood with this energy. You may not get much done today


I feel with this energy, you might feel a bit important today. As you have the attention of the right people that can make things happen for you. This is a great time for networking or even getting along better with the boss. Mercury is conjunct with the north node in the ninth house. This would be a great day to your juju on or to delve more in the law of attraction


At this time conversation in your life give you profound insight into your way of thinking. I feel this is an opportunity to heal and change with the emotional self . As past hurts are coming up , it's time to acknowledge the soul and say let it go . We are done with that situation in our life.Careful with some of these fights coming up today especially with personal relationships. Because they reflect issues form childhood that your not over with .


This is a great time for collaboration and working in teams or in partnerships prove beneficial to you. Also this is a great energy to help other people grow because your supportive nature comes out today. For those of you in leadership roles or creative roles this is beneficial energy for you