Monday, August 1, 2016



This is energy brings opportunities to turn things around for the better.  You have the fire under your butt to make things happen. Careful with your emotional self with this energy because you are very impulsive. Disagreements with family can happen because you want to do one thing but they have other ideas for you


You have allot of energy today to get  things . For some of you this energy puts you in a better headspace. With this energy you are more action orientated . You are help others with their problems and situation. You are more hands on with everything you do


Watch your emotional self today the DIVA is out , and on the prowl. You are in a way much better headspace emotionally. So you are more forward thinking. You don't want others feeling sorry for themselves or being all up in their feelings. Try to show some love for all the times other people have been there for.


You have to much water today in your 12th house with all those secondary planets. This would be a good time to delve more into the power prayer with this energy. To try to focus on being more in the present. For some of you, you are dealing with depression at this time. You might be a bit more hypersensitive than usual. You are the creator and the master of your story . So try to work on changing all this around


This is a powerful New Moon energy time for you. A great time to get your juju on and the power of prayer on.  This energy will help you get things done . For some of you ending projects or starting new projects with this energy.  Money worries can creep up on you. Try to not to intrigue those thoughts with the new moon in your 12th house


All you are about is full speed ahead you want to go go now. But your skipping allot of details. You are very excited about new projects, or business endeavor that you started. For some  of you are excited about what this month brings . For some of you good news can come your way. Like money opportunities or starting a new job  


Patience is a virtue try to practice today.  Your not liking the pace of your life at this time. Take it as the universe giving you a down time for right now. Because eventually it will be full speed ahead and no down time. I feel at this time you need to make changes or do something different in regards to career.


You are trying to  get along with everybody. This is a great energy time for writers, or for those of you on social media. You might that you might be trendy today , or you may inspire others.  You are a bit more  ambitious with Mars direct in your sign. . You can put all your energies towards your passions. Careful you might be a bit more reactive with this energy


This is a good energy time. I see allot of good news coming your way with this energy. Door start opening for you. Situations in your life working out in your favor.  With new moon in the 8th house, for some of you . Tapping more into spirituality with this new moon energy or delving more into metaphysics


This is a beautiful time for collaboration or business partnerships. This can be a busy day with clients. Word of mouth about your talents are spreading with this energy. Also with this energy people are more there for you , and want to help in certain situations going in your life. Or want to help you grow with your career. This is a popular energy time for you, so don't be surprise if you have plans for the weekend


The moon in your sixth house is beautifully aspected. You can be busy with work or with business. I feel at this time this energy can really help you complete any task at hand. Especially if you don't want to do them. With this energy you feel more of a need to be organize. As you do this your head is going to feel allot more calmer and more at peace


You need to lower your expectations with others. I feel that what ever your in visioning that person to be in your mind. Is not the person who they really are . Try to work on excepting them for who they are and not the person you want them to be. Or the person you have in your head . What you see is what you get