Thursday, August 18, 2016



The moon in Pisces today. Watch your emotional self because you might be a bit to much with others. Either your being to needy, or too sensitive. With this energy you make a great team player. You are there for everyone and maybe extra nice or giving to to others


 Careful with the decisions that you make. Because everything is cause and effect. I feel career decisions are going to be made because of the emotional self. Before you run out and quit think about it logically. Worst comes to worst sleep on it before making a decision. This is a social energy and you don't do well when other tell you "no you  can't  go out", or "no I'm going to be late  coming hom so you cant go." These words cause you to be reactive at this time


You need to becareful with your emotional self because there is a t-square with the 3,6,9 th house. It's hard for you to enjoy your day. Because you are allowing your emotional self to go through the ups and downs of the day. Try to stay grounded give the chatter in your head a job today. Tell it to focus on the breath


You need to becareful with your relationships. Because some of you , might be keeping on tabs on how much this person does for you, and how much you do for that person. This is going to cause some serious fights in your relationships with others. You are in a moody space so try not to allow yourself to go there.Have a plan b today when it comes to call that favor in .


  Part fortune is conjunct with moon conjunct neptune and the south node. Watch your emotional self, you are reactive because people are going to be saying things you don't want to hear because your not ready for change. Or you don't want to look at your reality. Relationships with family can change at this time. If it's making you reactive there must be some truth. So try to take this as an opportunity to change the emotional self


I feel some people in your life may surprise you and not in the good way. For some of you the events being thrown in your day may actually make you physically  ill in regards to others. There can be some hypersensitivity today when you don't get your way .  I can some of your plans or things you want to do might get shot down today


I feel with this energy, you might need to come out of your hole and spend sometime with people. I know you don't want too , but the people in your life are asking you to acknowledge their feelings for a little bit. It's just an hour of your time , you can spare that today. I feel with this energy you are more focus on your passions with this energy, or goals at  this time


Careful with your emotional self because you take things personally and to heart with this moon. So take what others say with a grain of salt because you might later regret what you said or did. For some of you , you are more about other people's feelings with this energy. So it's hard for you to move forward because you are a bit more considerate of certain people in your life


Watch your emotional self today, you do have a T-square 3,9,12th house let your work speak for you. Instead of talking about what you have done and your importance. I feel with this energy you need to becareful because everything is cause and effect. I feel with this energy it's like taking two steps forward and than taking two steps back. Be proactive at this time. Others are hurting too and sometimes silence is best. Because they are trying to past on the hurt energy to you


Slow day for business so try to delve more into faith with this energy , and affirmations. "Money flows to me freely copiously and endlessly." I do see airbenders being stuck in their head and being about lack . I do see this coming out in your conversation with others. Be proactive in your life by changing the mind set. Being more in the present and stop listening to the chit chatter in the mind


You have that T-square with the moon , I feel you need to learn to say "No" and assert yourself more in certain relationship. I feel others are using at this time and you may realize but your not saying anything.With friendships like those who needs enemies, for real. This can be a playful energy children or younger people bring out more of your inner child today


I feel with this energy you are being asked to slow the train down here a bit. I feel that you need to becareful with decisions you make today. I feel it's best to get a second and third opinion before moving forward with anything. You choose to be more to yourself with this energy. I feel that you can be snappy with people because you don't want to talk about your feelings.