Sunday, August 21, 2016



I feel with this energy past relationships are going to come up . I feel for some of you talking to the ex is coming up this week. I do see your love relationships are the focus this week. For some of you talking about moving in with each other. I do see peaceful resolutions coming up this week. I do see opportunities for negotiations coming up being in your favor. Also with this energy , careful not to be spiteful, because you might shoot off your own foot. I feel this is fun energy for dating. Major decisions are coming up in regards to moving or a job career. I feel the move might be on getting a better paying job. Fate is giving you bread crumbs on the path you are suppose to be on


Very busy week with the socializing. I do see you dealing with confrontation in regards to love relationships. I feel your partner may start to tell you what your doing wrong, or start criticizing you. This will cause you to be reactive because it's something your not ready to change about yourself. Or it might be touching some issues that you need to acknowledge.   I see you complaining about love relationship, or a relationship in your life. I also see this being a mixed week for you . Having problems with certain relationships but also enjoying your week this week. I see someone around you being very thoughtful and giving to you .


This is a great energy for those of you in social media or media because your work is seen by a bigger audience. For some of you at work talking to the right people, so they can understand your point of view. Also you might be dealing with a manipulative person so slow  that yes, before jumping into a situation. If some one at work is giving you a hard time. It's because you are a bit of a threat to them. This is a beautiful energy time for you. I do see you getting exactly what you want with this energy. I do see you stepping on other people's toes. I do see a bit a drama around you. I feel that you are very oblivious to what or how you are affecting others. Also with this energy you need to follow your current inspiration


I see confrontations happening because you are not saying whats really on your mind.  I feel you need to assert yourself with some of your relationships. Or the people you work with because I do see you a bit more in head. I feel it's because your being told more today instead of being asked "do you want to do that. " For some of you , I do see surprises at work happening for the better. This can be people seeing your way . Or this can be in the form of a raise or a promotion. I do see you being very much in your feelings and communication or the lack of . Maybe causing you problems with certain relationships.


I see your way of thinking and someone else's way of thinking there clashing or there is definitely a differences in personalities.  Be open  minded to a different point of view or someone else's way of thinking. Maybe they are seeing something that you are not seeing. With this energy you  need to realize your importance, and what a key player you are in other people's lives. You still are dealing with the ups and downs of this week but the cards wants you to know that you are protected. For some of you , your money situation turns around for the better. For some of you inheritance or this can be unexpected turn of events at work. Or even your partner receiving unexpected money during this time.


You are very sentimental about the past, certain things or people may bring  up those memories. You have allot of good happening in your life. I feel there are some thing or may be someone in your life , your family wont acknowledge. I see you being happy with this person or situation but your family or friends may not like this new person or situation for you. I feel it maybe a little while before they can accept your new normal. You have some really good ideas this week to make money. I feel that you need to write these ideas down for future use.


I feel your money situation can change very quickly and for the better. I do see things in your life working out in your favor, especially with career. You need to pay attention to the signs coming to you this week. Because they are telling you to change course or do things differently. I feel at this time pay attention to the messages that the universe will be sending you. I feel for some of you , you might be to cautious to make any changes at this time. There is a great energy that is letting me know that everything is going to work itself out for you this week.


I feel at this time a roommate situation will resolve itself out.  I do see thoughts of moving happen at this time .You are punishing yourself with needless guilt over a situation that others have long ago left and forgotten. It is time to stop fighting yesterday's war. Acknowledgement from the universe that you are on the right path, the path that you were actually put on this earth to follow. Congratulations, your isolation from the daily grind will be a benefit to humankind in the big picture, and the light of wisdom from the lamp of your knowledge will illuminate truth for all you encounter.


Major decisions are coming up this week with this energy. I feel this could be in regards to your relationships. Also in regards to moving forward and starting over in certain areas of your life. I see past relationships are coming up for apologies but you may not be interested.  I do see love opportunities happening but I feel this person may have some restrictions or rules to follow. I do see lessons coming up this week with money opportunities or investments. Try to research what you are jumping into this week. I feel also with this energy you are in a more playful energy or not taking certain things so seriously


I see things up in the air at this time. Things that you want to do but your just thinking about it. I feel also with this energy you are a bit of perfectionist with this energy. I do see major changes are happening this week. For some of you this is starting over in a particular area of your life and trying to adjust to those changes. For others of you this is a move to a different state or county and change or relocation maybe a bit difficult for you. I feel new love is coming at this time but you may be doing all the work in the relationship


I do see love opportunities coming up . For some of you second chances with money opportunities with this energy as well.  I feel that you might be listening to other people with this energy. I do see other people making decisions for you. Or their opinion is going to weigh heavy on the decisions you decide to make this week. I do see this being a busy week for you but do try to spend time with friends and loved ones. This is a great time for those of you in media or social media because your creation is being seeing by a bigger audience. Also a great time for those of  you looking for job or wanting to speak to those in management. Talks do go well this week


I see money worries coming up but it's more in your head than your reality. I feel at this time you are going to get your money situation fixed or back on track with this energy. I do see things turning around for you this week. I do see a your life being altered for the better for some of you. I feel you need to be careful with manipulative people around you . Not every sob story is true. Pay attention to your dreams because you might receive some valuable insight into your journey .  I do see depression at this time, and this can be over love relationships. I do see this depression creating more problems in your life . So try to be aware of your thoughts with this energy because your reality is responding to your emotional self.