Tuesday, August 2, 2016



This can be a fun energy time for you. You might be planning for get togethers for the weekend with this energy. I feel the focus is on your children. Spending time with them or talking to them on the phone. You are all about having and being around your friends with this energy.


Careful with this energy , there can be some drama with family members. Maybe even you questioning there loyalty to you. Your motto, you are either with me or against, no in between .  You might not be talking to certain people today. Also with this energy possible moves are coming or dealing with property matters


You are very creative with this energy. You are coming up with allot of ideas at this time. In regards to planning for the future, ways to save  money or projects for your business. At this time you are being guided by your intuition today. Right now it feels right in the direction that you are deciding to go.


At this time you are more focus on career, or certain projects that you are working on .  Beautiful energy day for you. Careful with your thoughts because it may come quickly to fruition with this energy.  With this energy try not to make any plans. Also you might be a bit spontaneous and plan spontaneous outings for this evening. Or go have lunch with a friend


  You are in a good head space right now. You got your crown, and you might treat yourself out today or go and pamper yourself today.  For some of you , you are giving yourself a whole new look with this energy . Or even updating your social media pages. You benefit through business partnerships or love relationships today


Moon is still transiting your 12th house. You have allot of asteroids in your 12th house, so careful with your thoughts today. This would be a good day to tap into the power of prayer or delve in your spirituality.You prefer to work alone today. You might be a bit more to yourself with this energy, and prefer to work behind the scenes


This is a great energy to move forward. This is a busy energy time for you. You are more focus on helping others, and making sure everything in their life is going steady. Than focusing on yours, try to do something for yourself with this energy . For some of you , you might be feel a bit used with this energy


I feel this is a popular energy time for you. People  your mystique is causing quite the conversation at work or with family. So don't be surprise if everyone is up in your cool-aid. Wanting to taste the flavor. For some of you, this can have you feeling edgy with people wanting to know your business or whats up with you


You are getting a break from Saturn's heaviness, and you might also be a bit adventurous with this energy.  Or at least breaking up your routine with this energy. For some of you , you are very creative with this energy.  For some of you today , you might be learning new things at work, or updating your skills to keep up with the trends


I feel with this energy good news is coming your way. Things go your way with court. I feel for some of you, you may uncover or find out about some things you didn't know was going on. For others this is a great time for research and planning.


You need to be careful with your generosity because you fall for any sobb story with this energy. You have good news coming your way. Or you might see yourself start moving forward with career bringing about more emotional stability to you.


This is a great energy to receive recognition and or a pat on the back for a good job done. For some of you, you might feel accomplished or proud of yourself. For those of you with a business, business can start picking up for you. For others receiving good news in regards to career or getting a job