Monday, August 15, 2016




Good news is coming your way , and there is thoughts of future. Your relationships with those in authority or with parents can be up and down with this energy.  You may find yourself being too harsh or forceful when dealing with others, especially in group situations.So just be self aware of how you are treating others. Reread your text or comments


Major decisions are coming up at this time. It shows that you may not have the answer right away in what to do in regards to this situation. At this time it's not the best energy hold off on your decision. Or try to meditate on the decision or even get a second opinion.  


You still have a beautiful earth trine energy going on with your 2,6,10th house. Also the part of fortune in the sixth house. So major changes in the right direction can happen today. Also with this energy career and money can turn around with this energy. You are more in a leadership position or more in control of your current situation


Change is happening today for better or worst with this energy.  Unresolved issues are going to come up at this time. With this energy it might be a confusing time for you because of lack of communication with others. Certain family members may not be over certain things you did or said to them. Treat others with kid gloves today.


Lucky day with this energy. For some of you , you are emotionally in a good head space. Certain situations work more in your favor with this energy. I feel for some of you in regards to relationship truth can be revealed. Or this energy can heal certain relationships in your life . 


You can expect the unexpected today in regards to your daily routine. Appointments may have to be reschedule or something out of the ordinary can happen with this energy. Turn of events can happen more towards your favor at work with this energy. Try to go more with the flow


For some of you, you are more focus on work or your projects with this energy. I feel your hard work and perseverance is paying off . You might be allowing your intuition to guide you with this energy. I feel for some of you are creating your own reality. At this time it brings allot of changes with that. Don't expect everybody to be on board or to agree with the decisions you are making 


 For some of you with Venus conjunct with north node in the ninth trine Pluto. This can be all about coming into your own power. Seeing your own strength and how much you've accomplished with this energy. I feel this is a time of feeling empowered. Also with this energy leaving behind old emotional habits or ways of thinking that no longer work for you 


Get a second opinion , if not a third opinion, because you may feel the need to take initiative in certain situations whether it personal or with work. I feel your idea is maybe for another time and another scenario , just not this one. You benefit today when you delve more into spirituality 


At this time for some of you, you may need to adapt more to a new situation. or you might not be over a situation and still emotionally processing it. It's okay to work on getting use to your new normal. Change is always a good thing. When we struggle with something as long as we stick to it , it will make you stronger and bring about sparks of miracles 


The train is being asked to slow down. Certain things that you wanted to happen or thought were going to happen may not be going your way at this time. It's more of a waiting period and a time to reevaluate. With this energy you beleive in whats fair and right. Today you might be sticking up for the under dog. Or including people in your life that don't get along with others in your circle. 


Its difficult to find common ground with family or with friends with this energy. You do have a my way or highway attitude, there can be some power struggles. There are some things you are not willing to bend because they go against your own belief system.