Friday, August 19, 2016



With this energy you are very nurturing when it comes to specific relationships in your life. Almost like a close family connection with your friends. You are very giving with this energy. Just careful not to give to much, you are more than enough. I feel you want to feed and love every body today


With this energy here careful with holding in things because they come out in other ways later. I feel someone may disappoint or say something you don't like.  Try not to allow this to affect or take it so personally. You are very social with this energy and you want to be out and about with friends. You tend to go way out of your way for others


Your still dealing with your emotional hang ups because your not allowing things to go so you are allowing certain situations that happen at work to affect your weekend. Leave work at work and home at home. You are a bit stubborn and stuck in your way of thinking so this is something your going to have to pull yourself out of


With this energy you are fighting with yourself. Watch your emotional self  because your reading to much into what other people are doing. I feel with this energy you need to cock those brains before you shoot that moth. I feel with this energy you need others attention or approval. You might be doing to much or going about it the wrong to get it .


You can be a bit of a chatty Kathy. You feel this need to kind of open more or say whats on your mind. Some people are not use to this side of you. You might be asked," are you okay ?" Try to not to put other people's problem or responsibility on your plate because it can be to much. Shows you have allot  to do this weekend and it might be exhausting


Watch what you say or do wrenches can get thrown in your way, and may cause you to be sick. This is a great energy for those of you in social media. Also with this energy you have opportunities to tap into your creativity or do something fun with kids. I feel with this energy you have an opportunity if you choose to be out and about , if you feel like it


You need a flirt with that mouth, because you are saying to much to be cute. Your not being cute but offending others, use your flirt. Cock those brains. Also if your looking for others to have couth or a certain level of respect for you it aint happening. I've been trying to look for these two things and seems to be missing in people's lives. So try not to take other people's actions or words to serious. Because respect and social etiquette is missing.


Try to be self aware with this energy because the moon in Pisces is conjunct with Chiron. Making you very empathetic to other people and a bit of a  psychic sponge. Try to keep awareness of your emotional self, because you are very sensitive to what others  are saying  


Not a good day to rehash fights or arguments. Or bring up things your still mad about because this energy can bring up the argument again. I know your not over it but if you can' t be civil about it than just drop it. Its all about staying in alignment with what you want and not getting you out of alignment.


Moon in Pisces still opposing your 8th house. This would be a great time for healing energy and letting go certain people or energies you have been holding on too. I feel that today you can have some kind of peace. At this time you might feel like your doing to much for others.


Jupiter is conjunct with the part of fortune, lucky opportunities can happen with collaborations. Or others helping you with ideas or getting you out of your rut. For some of you , yes love opportunities can happen this weekend.


Careful with this energy , you can be a bit nasty with this energy. With this energy you may feel like your doing everything and no one is helping. You  tend to do that to yourself and handle everything and take care everyone elses problem.  Try to come from a place of "No". Try to work on doing things that make you happy. If you don't feel like doing it today don't