Tuesday, August 23, 2016



You are able to get your way at work, or avoid upsetting certain people in your life because you know what makes them tick. This is a good day for work or being in groups.I feel that you are going to be making some career changes for some of you. For others a great energy to be ambitious when it comes to a second source of income and focusing more on that. Or for some of you looking for a second job with this energy


Ceres is forming an earth trine your 2,6,10th house, you might be feeling very generous or sentimental with this energy. Great energy for business as soon as you get your money , you are quick to spend it. I feel with this energy you have allot of good news coming your way. You might see that your hard is paying off, or you might getting the respect you want at work


  The moon is conjunct with the part of fortune so thoughts can become things with this energy. Also I feel that you might be a bit spontaneous and may take a different route from work, or you might break up your routine today. Also with this energy you are very analytical , and you are able to step back and see the big picture. Things seem to make more sense when you look at situations as an outsider looking in


I feel with this energy you are feeling very independent. For some of you taking on adult responsibilities and feeling a bit more grown up. For others of you taking back control of your life. Or getting done what needs to get done in your personal life. Like taking care of your debt with this energy. I feel with this energy you might be consoling others or being more present in others person life


I feel this is a great time for creative types because you understand what the public needs and even those dealing with customers. You know what the customer wants today. You know what people are looking for and the direction of trends are going whether it be on social media or with your job. You see something happening and you are able to deliver


Careful with this energy and the decisions that you make. Because you are all about your freedom and doing things your own way. I feel for some of you might on that impulse to quick your job or break a relationship. Because you feel some kind of restriction. I feel for Sagittarius your main lesson is to learn to find freedom in your situation


You have beautiful energy happening today. You have allot of energy in that ninth house. So careful with the way you treat others because you tend to nit pick others. But you have that part of fortune. This is a beautiful time where thoughts can become things. You might even see what you say, you get to do.  This is a great time for updating your self with career. Or receiving on the job training with this energy


You have a beautiful earth trine with your 4,8,12th house. This is a great energy to delve more into your faith with this energy. I feel with this energy family or friends who are like family are very helpful to you with this energy. This is a very giving energy either you are on the receiving or your are being the giver.


For some of you there is a lack of intimacy with the relationship causing some kind of disconnect. I feel at this time some of you are just accepting your situation. Your not happy about it , it doesn't make you feel happy , your just allowing to be. If your not happy use that as indicator that something has to change. You have to be proactive with this energy and be the change


Cooler heads prevail today and you are able to see where you went wrong in a situation. For some of you this gives you better insight into a previous fight, you are able to see the bigger picture. I feel with this energy you are in a great head space to get things done even if it's just around the house.


Still be careful of mood swings with this energy.  I feel with this energy you might be more of a workaholic with this energy. I feel with this energy you are more nurturing to those who are younger than you or even children. You like to teach or mentor others with this energy .


I feel with this energy change is happening more by your own .For some you , you take your job very seriously today. For others of you a great time for recognition, and a great energy time for those of you in social media. Your thoughts today are more towards success and work. I feel with this energy something new is coming into your routine. This can be updating yourself on your routine, or learning something new in general