Monday, August 8, 2016




Watch your emotional self today, you do have T-square with north and south node squaring saturn. So some of you, try to be more self aware of how you are approaching others or talking to others. Sometimes we have to pick and choose are battles so we can have more peace in our life. So pick and choose what you want in your movie. You find yourself being reactive excuse yourself. You might watching what others have and it's making you feel jealous. Try to focus more on the good that is around you.


Pluto is well aspected today so try to keep your energy positive. I do see positive changes happening with career and money with this energy. With this energy you make real connections with the one you love. You are very giving and nurturing close relationships. Possibly even going out to have dinner or coffee with them to catch up


 Ceres in your fourth house is forming an earth trine with   venus and titan. You get fulfillment when you help others. You are more accepting of other people's opinions at this time no matter how far off base;they are with yours. You need to be careful with helping others . Because this may back fire on you. Others may use you as an emotional punching bag, or they may be a bit needy with you


We are still dealing with some of same energies from last week, so careful with your relationships with others. Or how you talk to others with this energy. You might be hypersensitive with this energy. With this energy you may feel very organized, and in better headspace. You are able to see certain situations for  what they really are


I feel for some of you worries can plague your mind with this energy. You do have mercury conjunct north node in the sixth house. So try to stay grounded with this energy  and watch your emotional self. Because some of you may not have control over situations. For others a beautiful energy feeling more organized and feeling like your moving forward in your life. For some of you this is a time where you feel a bit of peace


With this energy let your work speak for you, you can be a bit of brown noser with this energy. But letting your work or character speak for you is just as stronger. Home is definitely your sanctuary today and you are able to be with all your sense. But at work it's a different story, try to enjoy your day and the moments.


Situations in your life are changing especially with your relationships. At this time you are asked to make difficult decisions with your relationships or current situation. For some of you this energy is asking you to change something about yourself. If your not ready to change , the situations surrounding are going to show you what needs to change


With this energy you have allot of good around you. For some of you, your emotional self might be making you physically sick. Disappointments today are caused by other people letting you down. At this time try to let it go , and let the lesson be to not to rely on that person again . Or later when cooler heads prevail, let the person know why you aren't rely on them .


You have a beautiful fire trine with your 1,5,9 th house. For  some of you expect the unexpected with others or even birthday surprises can happen today. For others of you , friends from the past may pop by to visit you with this energy.  For some of you at this time are being drawn into a direction more by your intuition. So trust it , let it guide you in your career direction


Career can be competitive at this time, you are putting your best foot forward with career. I do see you being very competitive with this energy..Even for some of you not working at this time, for what ever reason that is going on in your life. You may feel more compelled to get a job or have strong thoughts about going back to school.


North node conjunct mercury in the 12th house. It's a good energy to tap into the power of prayer. But today it's not well aspected. I feel this energy can bring a number of worries in regards to money, or even relationships at this time. Try not to go into a place of lack, or worry about your job security at work, try to stay positive today


You need to be careful with the story others tell you or even might put you on the spot. I see it being more of a lesson or coming back to bite you later on. Try to go more with the flow with this energy. You are asked to start over in certain areas of your life today. For some of you this may have to deal with the emotional self. Where situations are going to ask to bend or open up a bit more or even speak up . For others of you , this is a time of endings and starting over